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Flamingo Land is a theme park, zoo, and resort for both kids and adults. Located in a 375-acre land of beautiful Yorkshire countryside, this place not only offers fun rides and a fully equipped resort village but also provides quintessential and educational zoo experience to its young visitors. With discount and voucher codes listed on HotUKDeals, visitors can gain amazing Flamingo Land experience for less. How to redeem Flamingo Land Shop vouchers
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Flamingo Land 3 for 2 with printed voucher
Buy 2 adult tickets at £41.50 and 3rd ticket free. Between 3 admission works out at only £28 each.

Thanks (y)


Went 2 week ago and everyone had vouchers or booked online


'2 for 3' is a sign of things to come under Boris


2 for free sounds even better (y)


Yeah 3 for 2 sounds way better than 2 for 3😜

Free delivery
Free delivery
2 for 1 entry to flamingoland
Apply now for 2 for 1 entry to flamingoland for their spooky spectacular. Includes rides and entry to a show at 5pm, One person needs to be in fancy dress... One voucher per househ… Read more

Is there any current offers for this weekend? I'm currently looking.


Sorry tommytucka I haven’t been to Gulliver’s world but I have been to Flamingoland several times.


How’s this place compared to gullivers world??


Thanks for Posting (y)

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Flamingo Land discount code: Get 2-4-1 entry at Flamingo Land with this special offer
To claim your voucher, please visit flamingoland.co.uk/voucher and enter the promotional code MR2FOR1JL18. Prior to your visit please print off your downloaded voucher and p… Read more

Has anyone got any codes for Tuesday?


Any codes for Saturday 25th August?


Any codes for Thursday??


Does anybody know of any 2-4-1 for tomorrow? Just need one for myself and nephew if poss pleS


Anyone know of any others looking to go Wednesday thanks

3-for-2 at Flamingo Land Resort
Enjoy a great day out at Flamingo Land and save 3 for 2 on admission! (highfive)

Add it to your basket. It's a free code so will show as £0.00 but will have qty as 1. Then fill in your details.x


This isn’t giving me a code? Just takes me to yorkshireattractions.org with incomplete page? Any advice


How i will get this deal 3 for 2?


Thanks for Posting (y)

2 - FOR - 1 entry to Flamingoland
The previous voucher expires on 1 July, the new code is valid from 22 JUNE to 22 AUGUST courtesy of Daily Records. Steps: Follow the link Fill in your details including the vouc… Read more

Anyone got a voucher code for tomorrow? This one not working even though it says on the post expires on Wednesday???


this there any voucher going on 2 for 1 on the 27 of august 2018


This should be expired, the expiry date is the 12th August


Have you found any codes for your dates we are going around then and can’t find any


Code keeps saying invalid

Flamingo Land 2-for-1 Entry
I thought I'd share this as it might be helpful for anyone that's wanting to go within the next 5 weeks. Visit http://www.flamingoland.co.uk/voucher , fill in your details and ent… Read more

It expired 1st July. Look at this post hotukdeals.com/vouchers/2-for-1-entry-to-flamingoland-2971471


Tried this 2 for 1 code and doesn't work


See the one I posted recently, it covered up till 22nd August https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/2-for-1-entry-to-flamingoland-2971471


Does anyone no were I can find 2-1 tickets for flamingo land that covers JULY 29TH PLEASE


Any vouchers for school holidays?

Flamingo land 3 for 2 entry (Voucher link in OP)
As the weather is warming up and folks start to visit theme parks i thought id post this deal. Dont be ripped off by 0monkeys selling this voucher on. 3 for 2 entry at flamingo … Read more

Be quick new family pass Valid until 24th july £62 Planet Radio offer


This code also just worked for me, so big thanks for sharing! Thanks to the opening poster as well. Now, where did I leave my burberry cap......


Thanks for this. Was looking to go next week and its worked


Usually 2 for 1 and sometime 2 for 1 with meals for the two people thrown in for free. Although you have to queue inside for ages to get said meal. Live quite local and have been going for the past 20 or so years, has changed a fair bit, Thunder Mountain, Magnum Force, The bullet and log flame were remove just over 10 years ago and since then the park has been getting smaller, although the zoo has certainly been getting better.


I agree this has gone downhill They have removed quite a lot of rides and added caravans. Not much choice

-74% Discount
-74% Discount
FlamingoLand (Yorkshire) £10 weekday tickets - 74% discount
Download a voucher to admit upto 4 guests (aged 4+) at £10 per person for a weekday visit. Not valid Saturday or Sunday. Expires 13th October 2017

How do you actually use the code? Where do I input it? Thanks




Not letting me use the code for flamingo land £10 tickets


Is this use by the 13th for the code or are these the dates for visiting also done by the 13th?


Heat added but many cant go weekdays what a shame

£38 Discount
£38 Discount
Flamingo Land 2 for 1!
Code valid between 8/9/17 and 22/10/17. Can only be redeemed at park (not online). Cannot be used for two day entry. Code originally from the Daily Express

if anyone was wanting to go during the week between 9-13 oct. there is a voucher code for £10 per person.DXMIDWOC17hope this helps


I have entered the voucher on the redemption page but it is saying there's an error as only one voucher can be used per household .... I haven't used it yet??!! what am I doing wrong? ;(


How do you get this link to work as on the site it's telling me it's not valid?


thanks so much notahappybunny15 for posting the link - took me a long while to work it out!! :/


Worked just now, email came through straight away. Thanks!

Best Flamingo Land Shop deals from our community

Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) Only £110 when booking 7 days in advance @ FlamigoLand
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) Also there is a free entry for Children 3 Years Old and under

Not that it affects me, but a single parent still gets disadvantaged by these offers. Why would one adult have to take three children, while two adults/ two children is the same price?


Wow Legoland is cheaper


https://www.facebook.com/flamingolandresort/reviews/?ref=page_internal a few reviews


I would avoid this place completely this year, look at their reviews, facebook and twitter first. Multiple people complaining there are only 3-4 adult rides open, queues well over an hour long, no food or drink left by dinnertime, 90 minute queues for it before then, people spending hundred to take the family and getting to go on 3 rides all day. No sanitisation between rides, no social distancing etc etc. Queues of well over an hour to see any of the events at the zoo or anywhere. If you complain, expect to wait in a queue to be told, we say on out website some rides may be closed, we won't be refunding you.


We used to go every year. It was £50 the first year. Then £55 the year after. Third year the offer was £60 with the full price always being double the amount... We looked at going this year and it said the zoo is open and a few selected rides so we didn't bother

£12 Tickets for Flamingo land this half term includes Zoo, Show’s and limited rides
257° Expired
Posted 17th Feb 2019Posted 17th Feb 2019
£12 Tickets for Flamingo land this half term includes Zoo, Show’s and limited rides£12
Spotted this offer on Facebook Half term £12 tickets includes, Zoo’s, Shows’s, limited rides detailsbelow

when dose the 2-4-1 start for flamingo land for the summer holidays please


For my family of five just £10 more and you get access to everything


I’m not sure I thought this was a special online offer but maybe it is the walk up price too. Here’s the free phone number 0800 40 888 40 Might be worth calling up and checking


Is it 12 quid on the gate as well


Prices keep going up, but they regularly do two for one and throw in lunch for both those tickets, so two for £35, so £17.50 each for entry to every bit of the park on all rides.

Half Price Flamingo Land Family Pass - £62.50
49° Expired
Posted 27th Jul 2018Posted 27th Jul 2018
Half Price Flamingo Land Family Pass - £62.50£62.50
This is available from 8:00am Wednesday 1st August Terms and Conditions: This voucher entitles the admittance of 2 adults and 2 children (4 years old and over; children aged 3 a… Read more

Is this just a voucher you download and pay at park or do you pay for it in advance?


If you go in the holidays the queues are never ending... If you're willing to go on a school day it's fabulous! Rides are great and every ride and the zoo is obviously free. You can buy food there or take a picnic.


Best theme park I've been to (I've been to most)


there are often cheaper deals, think we paid around £40 last year on a Radio company deal, they dont last for long though. Daughter went with school and the queues were as you said, she probably went on 4 of the big rides all day. We went in mid September on a weekend and it was totally different, no queue on any of the rides for all of the day. Weather was great and talking to the staff they said from the end of the school holidays to the October half term was the best time to go.


Its ok but not great, we were there a few weeks ago. The zoo part is distinctly unimpressive compared to a proper zoo, and the rides are decent but not as many as you would get at a proper theme park. Parking is free, but food is mega expensive, a plain hot dog, very small portion of potato wedges and a small (think happy meal size) drink, £7.50. Not sure why the family pass can't be used differently either, the cost to get in is the same for adults or kids, 3 adults went and one child when we were there, but couldn't use a family pass. Don't see what difference it makes to the park, 4 people going in regardless if there are 3 adults and 1 child, or 2 adults and 2 children. It wasn't busy when we were there, no queues at all, however I can imagine it will be different now its school holidays!

Half price flamingoland family ticket - £62.50
21° Expired
Posted 1st Jul 2018Posted 1st Jul 2018
Half price flamingoland family ticket - £62.50£62.50
Half price family tickets available for the summer hols. They will have limited numbers and usually sell out fast! Grab em quick!!!

Probably only had a dozen tickets to sell! Cheap publicity stunt?


Sold out


Thanks for sharing @Mummy_jojo great find (y)


Thank you

Be a Zookeeper for the day at Flamingo Land - Half Price (xmas gift?)
157° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Be a Zookeeper for the day at Flamingo Land - Half Price (xmas gift?)£87.50
Be a Zookeeper for the day at Flamingo Land (Weekdays Only) Maximum of 4 'Be a Zookeeper for the day at Flamingo Land (Weekdays Only)' per customer. … Read more

As a cheaper gift, you can clean my entire house for £9.99 !


What a genius idea by these guys, getting people to pay for their own jobs. David Cameron on the board of directors? £87.50 to get the chance to clear out the animal enclosures! You dancer! Sign me right up. Shame you can't do this during the week instead of my regular... Oh no wait, weekends excluded!? Fantastic.


and be eaten by the Lion? No thanks.


You can look after my little two legged animals.... or is that monsters/home wreckers/neighborhood terrors....... absolutely free.......but then...... I may never come back for them.......only kidding honest........they are lovely (shock)


Did this last year, raining all day, but a great day! Worth every penny :D

Flamingoland Family Voucher £60
76° Expired
Posted 1st Sep 2017Posted 1st Sep 2017
Flamingoland Family Voucher £60£60
Theres only 50 left at the time of this note....

You buy this tick online, no telephone call needed


£60 for a family is what it should be anyway. £120 is just crazy!! + it's not a family ticket for me anyway. Hate this 2 adults 2 children family ticket scam


Rip off for what it is


Now 35 This is an excellent deal (y)


Yeah is good thing to note these telephone numbers it cost me £23 this month to book Alton towers break online (shock)

2 for 1 tickets at Flamingoland With Free Lunch Included ( Choose from Fish & Chips, Burger & Fries or Veggie Burger & fries), Voucher in todays Daily Mirror 70p
419° Expired
Posted 21st Jul 2017Posted 21st Jul 2017
2 for 1 tickets at Flamingoland With Free Lunch Included ( Choose from Fish & Chips, Burger & Fries or Veggie Burger & fries), Voucher in todays Daily Mirror 70p
Todays Mirror newspaper 70p has a special offer allowing you to obtain 2 for 1 entry with a free lunch @ Flamingoland. So £38 entry for 2 people & lunch The price is £38 an… Read more

Looking at above looks like same code for all? Hope so as son been invited on 11th Aug by his friend!


Can anyone tell me if there was the same voucher code in each paper or was it a unique code for each paper?


Can anyone tell me if there was the same voucher code in each paper or was it a unique code for each paper?


We go in summer holidays and if you're careful & plan your day out it's not that bad at all. Hit Velocity, Hero, mumbo jumbo, kumali etc early when park is quieter and then you'll not really need to queue at all. We do camping there because it's pay once get access for your entire holiday & rides start before the park opens to the public so big rides NO QUEUES.


Thank u x

Flamingo land Super hero Sunday. 2 for 1 if you dress up
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Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Flamingo land Super hero Sunday. 2 for 1 if you dress up£38
On 23rd July look to the skies… Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Hero Sunday! This unique event will be packed with activities for all the family, including a chance to … Read more

Use this code DX2FOR1JL17 on this page http://www.flamingoland.co.uk/voucher?source=webgains_uk&siteid=146153 24th June to 6th Aug.


Sadact06 do you have link


2 for 1 voucher can be downloaded on net from Daily Express, no dressing up!

2 for 1 tickets at Flamingoland With Free Lunch Included ( Choose from Fish & Chips, Burger & Fries or Veggie Burger & fries), Voucher in todays Daily Mirror
445° Expired
Posted 27th May 2017Posted 27th May 2017
2 for 1 tickets at Flamingoland With Free Lunch Included ( Choose from Fish & Chips, Burger & Fries or Veggie Burger & fries), Voucher in todays Daily Mirror£1.10
In todays Mirror ( price £1.10) there is a special offer ( Code in my paper was MR2FOR1MY17 ) allowing you to obtain 2 for 1 entry with a free lunch @ Flamingoland. The price i… Read more

just downloaded the voucher. worked for me. Thank you :)


we're off there on 1st July, bout 12 of us. just downloaded a few vouchers and its working fine (with different email addresses)


Give it a go nothing to lose, tickets are valid until 2nd July, so can't see why you can't take advantage of this deal right up to that time.


Is it too late to get this deal if you missed the paper? I was away :(


Just been today using this deal - really good and when you factor in lunch we saved £86!!

Flamingo land discounted passes for 2017 £260 for 4
192° Expired
Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016
Flamingo land discounted passes for 2017 £260 for 4£260
Same deal price as this year £260 for a family of 4 vs £395 and £75 instead of £115 for a single pass. Just use voucher code RENEWAL2017 Totally understand it isn't everyones cup … Read more

I did not have the pass in my name last year and I managed to get the passes. I would hazard a guess FL would not bat an eyelid getting a whole heap of season passes sold would be good for them.


Just something to be aware of, this is an offer for existing annual pass holders, I know because I have one and clearly the code says Renewal so its pretty obvious. Now Flamingoland may not check back to see if you had a pass last year but it might...


I got the 2016 pass for spontaneous walks around the zoo. I'll be getting it again for 2017. (I do live nearby though)


hot uk flamingos


LOVE flamingo land :) shame i live too far away to take advantage of this offer!

Newest Flamingo Land Shop Discount Codes:

DiscountFlamingo Land Shop Discount DetailsExpires
% offFlamingo Land 3 for 2 with printed voucher6/08/2019
% off2 for 1 entry to flamingoland16/01/2019
50%Flamingo Land discount code: Get 2-4-1 entry at Flamingo Land with this special offer9/08/2018
% off3-for-2 at Flamingo Land Resort4/07/2018
% off2 - FOR - 1 entry to Flamingoland29/06/2018