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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off ALL flooring @ Floors2go Expires 5pm 18th Oct

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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Floors2Go - Bank Holiday Offer - 20% off everything in-store

sorry-the floor we got is laminate!-yes they sell wood and it may be good i dont know-i just know my experience was bad and our floor is rubbish, so wouldnt recommend them and am not shocked they are closing:roll: Tops will offer most people trade as i have had it just ask? get your wife or gf to go in and ask trade price as her hubby is a floor fitter(well you will be wont you??) my partner is a plumber and we get trade everywhere which is unfair dont you think? esp when we can get trade to buy anything... oh and if you know a STAX they had lovely wood flooring.


Yea they are closing pretty fast but i don't think they are in liquidation yet.


I thought this comany has gone bust 3 branches in towns around me have closed down recently


Lou, I'm a little confused when you said "the floor isn't wood, it's laminate" I've been checking out the F2G website for quite some time, and they sell Solid wood flooring too. with prices like £30+per m2. I've heard they are in "Administration" but i'm a noob when it comes to flooring and brands. Also what is the Trade discount at Topps?


wouldnt buy from them-we got ours when they opened and were really messed about with them. The floor isnt wood its laminate and not the cheap stuff-and it is rubbish tbh, in comparison the IKEA stuff is really tough and good value. You can get the wood floor at a lot of different retailers-i'd like some too and have been looking. Tops tiles also have it and it is easy to get trade discount in there too!

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Floors2Go £2.99 laminate £9.99 real wood flooring
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Posted 3rd Jul 2015Posted 3rd Jul 2015LocalLocal
Floors2Go £2.99 laminate £9.99 real wood flooring£2.99
just had a leaflet through in cambridge and floors2go are doing a laminate for 2.99 per metre and a real wood floor 9.99 per metre this weekend only when its gone its gone
Get deal*Get deal*

All the 2.99 and 9.99 stock is takeaway if that helps


Well ive only had good experiences with them since the last administration, people are quick to write a bad review not so for a good one






I fitted a whole narrow boat with solid oak from these guys. was the best price I could find at the time and overall results were fantastic. hot from me!

Laminate flooring from £2.96 m2 plus 20% discount with code @ Floors2Go
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Posted 15th Jul 2012Posted 15th Jul 2012
Laminate flooring from £2.96 m2 plus 20% discount with code @ Floors2Go£2.96
Have been looking for laminate flooring, the code 'vat20' will knock 20% off your total, valid this weekend only. Only downside is the rip-off delivery cost of £24.99!!!

hello u loh shh ihs a good deal and if ih aint den go 2 sleep dennnn


we used them few years ago..shoddy laminate and it was NOT cheap stuff. Customer service after purchase non-existant-give them a wide berth imo you have been warned. Cheap laminate? IKEA-kids cant even damage it!


Laminate 'wood' will scratch like hell, looks plasticky and if its cheap stuff like this probably wont last long, go for a engineered wood if you can afford it of 4mm minimum thickness of real wood top layer- I have tried both (Pergot supposedly top brand) and know from experience.


Please, please don't spend any money with Floors 2 Go. This "company" has been in administration/liquidation at least 3 times. Google them and you'll see what I mean. They have the most atrocious customer service and fulfillment record. They are just con men. Please don't be taken in by their marketing.


Thanks for posting, I've added the name of the retailer to your deals title because it helps people browsing the site in text mode to see your deal better :)

massive clearance sale at FLOORS 2 GO
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Posted 31st May 2012Posted 31st May 2012
massive clearance sale at FLOORS 2 GO
a massive clear out sale for real wood, laminate flooring online could be instore too so if u want flooring for your home seems like a good place to start

And prices headling are for 150sq metres+.


ye the owner ........ did u think of that all by yourself ?? wow what a comedian :/


Wouldnt call it a "sale" per se: great headlines prices... but all prices are ex-vat! So there's another 20%... suddenly the prices aint that great. What an absolute con.


More likely the owner! :p Cold. Don't see how this is a deal.


A DIY sale , over a bank holiday...

20% Off All Floors @ Floors2Go - Bank Holiday Weekend
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Posted 3rd May 2012Posted 3rd May 2012
20% Off All Floors @ Floors2Go - Bank Holiday Weekend
I walked in to my local Floors 2 Go store as i'm looking to decorate my downstairs, and having had good service before I thought i'd have a look. I was told that over the bank holi… Read more
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Was told the same in Bristol store today, must be nationwide, heat added.

Laminate flooring £2.99 in Floors2go stores
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Posted 29th Sep 2008Posted 29th Sep 2008
Laminate flooring £2.99 in Floors2go stores£2.99
Good luck, put in your postcode and find a store near you. http://www.floors2go.co.uk/

There you go, just find out which store is near you. http://www.floors2go.co.uk/


Can't see £2.99 a pack, only £2.99 per metre. £2.99 per m² (£8.16 pack) Promo Click Oxford Cherry FMH700106 and Promo Clic Ontario Maple FMH700107 Anyone got a direct link for cheaper flooring? just read the add again, £2.99 per Sq. Metre is correct, not per pack.


if you want proper flooring then i suggest you buy some quality. paid 26 quid a pack for my flooring 8 years ago and its sill going strong. looked like cheap tat when i saw this, but ok for a temporary floor. floors to go have had to shut a fair few stores so wonder if this is the beginning of the end for them.


The £2.99 stuff covers 2.73 m².


Any idea how much is in a pack (how much floor it covers)?

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