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TalkMobile Sim Only 12m (4G) – Unlimited Calls/Texts, 12GB Data – £8/month (£48 Cashback, £4/month effective) via Fonehouse
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
I can't seem to link to this deal directly - if you scroll down and filter by network to Talkmobile only, it should be the first one on there. Why Talkmobile SIM Only: Hone… Read more

I signed up to the same deal as this back at the end of April. I had trouble with my first redemption but, I have to say, the Fonehouse customer service was excellent. I phoned them up and got through very quickly and the girl on the phone talked me through the process to see what the problem was - turned out, the problem was me! When I registered I had inexplicably put down the wrong Date of Birth so when I tried to enter the correct details on the claim form it didn't recognise me as a customer. In the end the girl on the phone put the claim through manually for me and it worked. I would 100% use this company again


are they doing esims? because unfortunately I got the Pixel 4a phone...


Actually not sure I'd get a 12 month contract I'm an unemployed reprebate (lol)


Thanks. Subscribed to 80Gb, £20/month deal. Fairly happy with the deal, being EE. The card security they use on the site is ridiculously low spec. Obviously, there's no credit check, being 30 day renewable. However, I had to enter my details sooooo many times, I used the lowest default requirements (from 5+ years ago): 1st 3 letters of first name, & same again for a surname. Just 1st parts to postcode, as address. And, worked immediately. Thankfully, I used my Revolut Burner card, that gets renewed after each use, just in case. That's wide open to abuse. Anyone wanting ref code for a promo with TTMM, or £50 introduction code to Revolut, inbox me.


Just seen your post on another thread talking about needing 60+gb, maybe To The Moon is your best shot:

Three (3) 12GB data (5G), Unlimited Mins & TXT £10/12m (£6.67/m after £40 auto cashback) @ fonehouse with MSE
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Courtesy of Money saving expert via Fonehouse 12GB Data 5G Unlimited minutes Unlimited txts Includes … Read more

IMO the 1 Month Rolling ID Mobile deal (£8 a month for 15GB) is a better option, just because no faff with Cashback. (lol) Good deal none the less! (y)


I got 30 GB for £10 for my 2 contracts just the other day direct. Took quite a bit of haggling


Looks like a good deal, but check coverage in your area prefably before you sign up. Plenty of posts here saying how bad 3 signal is in their area.. and before you say well every carrier gets negative posts, 3 seems to be an exception with a mountain of them!.


Can go through TCB and get same deal for £8 pm then £27.20 cashback making it £5.73 pm. Not voting either way


Looks to be a good deal (y)

Three sim Unlimited Data (5G) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts only £18 / 12 months + £96 Cashback, via redemption, at Fonehouse
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Unlimited Data (5G) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts + £96 Cashback Includes: Go Roam Free Tethering FREE Upfront Cost £18.00† per month/12 months Monthly Cost £10.00 per mont… Read more

Can you tell me more about your setup ? I am thinking about soething similar, but the jargon beats me ! Esp the VOIP options too


Been using this in Manchester in the Cheetham Hill area on a Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 and it's abysmal. Barely managing 2 bars of connection and can't even sustain 3G+ let alone RG or LTE+ and 5G. Speaking with Three at the moment but will call Fonehouse today instead. Sim was ordered on Wednesday night, dispatched Thursday, arrived Monday; but they didn't even start the number transfer until Monday either. Disappointed at the moment but just my experience.


I work in Soho and barely get a 4G signal, let alone 5G, unfortunately


According to this your router supports VoLTE but with no RJ11 port what's the benefit of it? Otherwise they are pretty much on par. You got a cracking deal Huawei 5G CPE Pro vs ZTE MC801 Also what are people doing for inbound\outbound landline calls? I opted for Andrews and Arnolds to port my number to VOIP for a cost of £1.20 a month and use VOIPBlazer's unlimited UK landline and mobile calls for £2.50 a month. Only downside is that I have to use a VPN due to CGNAT causing issues, but minor inconvenience. Any better setup or deals out there?


ZTE MC 801 bought it last year on eBay

Vodafone Unlimited 5GB Data (5G) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £23/12mth + £144 cashback at Fonehouse
Posted 28th Sep 2020Posted 28th Sep 2020
Vodafone Unlimited 5GB Data (5G) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £23/12mth + £144 cashback at Fonehouse£276
Vodafone More info 5GB Data (5G) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 Month Vodafone New Contract vodafone Auto cashback Monthly Cost £15.50 per month Before cashback: £23.00 … Read more

Oh they are (for what they can deliver), but they are disgusting for advertising products that are limited to 2Mbps & 10Mbps as "unlimited" and "5G" when clearly they are limited & 3G is capable of delivering more speed. I have yet to hear any reasonable suggestion why anyone would have a use for an 'unlimited data' sim that can only get 2Mbps - a limited data sim for less money would surely suffice (you are not gooing to use 30GB/mth at 2Mbps). I am on Vodafone - IMHO they are second best only to EE for service, but hate their marketing practices & CS. Prices are very good with 3rd party redmption cashback deals.


Really, I've found them much better than Three!


Vodafone boasting that it is unlimited speed 5G as opposed to '2Mbps poor 3G speeds masquerading as 5G'. Bit like a shop advertising a genuine handbag - would suggest they know they must sell a lot of fakes! Bad luck OP. Thanks for trying.


OP made a mistake. Thought it was unlimited 5g, not 5gb


Indeed. I signed up for a Vodafone 100GB deal just 2 weeks ago with an effective price of £8 per month for a year.

Vodafone Unlimited Data (5G) (2mbps max) Sim-only unlim mins / texts £24 p/m 12 months £288 @ - £144 Cashback by redemption
Posted 31st Mar 2020Posted 31st Mar 2020
Vodafone Unlimited Data (5G) (2mbps max) Sim-only unlim mins / texts £24 p/m 12 months £288 @ - £144 Cashback by redemption£288 Free P&P Free
Vodafone - unlimited data, 2mbps max speed (5G) with unlimited calls and texts. £24.00 before cashback, £12 after a total of 5 cashback claims totalling £144, bringing the yearly… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

While if you achieved maximum speed for every minute of every day you could download in theory an impressive 624gb. I'm trying to work out who would want this? I suppose for emails, web browsing and the occasional YouTube video this would be fine. However. someone who uses their phone like that would probably be better off with a 8gb package for less.


more to the point what's the point of a 5G plan if your area/ city doesn't even have 5G or your hardware/phone isn't capable of using it ie it doesn't support 5G


2mbps... WHY?????


Nice one bud 🙏🏼


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Huawei Mate20 Pro *free handset** £44 p.m + £420 cashback. (Vodafone 24 month contract) 5gb data
Posted 27th Aug 2019Posted 27th Aug 2019
Huawei Mate20 Pro *free handset** £44 p.m + £420 cashback. (Vodafone 24 month contract) 5gb data£1,056
£26.50 per month (This deal comes with £420 cashback which effectively reduces the monthly cost from £44.00 pm to £26.50 pm) £100 Huawei cashback £31.50 topcashback Free mate 20 p… Read more

Seems like a good deal to me. But yeah, HUKD is a really poor platform in terms of actually raising good deals for people's attentions. There's little rhyme or reason as to what goes hot or not, and any comment about that gets shouted down by the blinkered fanatics. That aside, is now actually a really bad time to be entering into a phone contract? I am due to renew, and it seems 5G is imminent, if not already here, and there's one or two phones able to make use - and they're commanding a premium. Better to be on PAYG for a couple of months until new handsets are released and more networks are offering 5G?


Valid point regarding the hassle of claiming cashback. Informative and noted for future. Many thanks.


Hope for you this deal doesn't get popular now, cos this comment alone would draw a whole lot of chill :D


It says in the screen shot 5G 2 year contract ,but isn't the phone provided only capable of 4G?


Don't get me wrong it's tempting but unless it's instant cashback this deal will get voted down very quickly. The process of claiming cashback is a bit of a ball ache and you have to be rigorous in your time keeping to make most of the deal. It also doesn't help that 5gb data is pretty bad for 44pm.. During black Friday they had 80gb deals on with contracts starting at 37pm with 240 cashback. I would advise anyone wanting a new phone even with Huawei American issues that you wait till black Friday if you are quick enough you'll get a scorcher of a deal.

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12 Month Vodafone Sim Only: Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts. 5G: £26 Per Month + £132 cashback by Redemption at Fonehouse
Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
12 Month Vodafone Sim Only: Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts. 5G: £26 Per Month + £132 cashback by Redemption at Fonehouse£468
12 Month Vodafone Sim Only: Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts. 5G: £15 Per Month With Redemption. Maximum Data Speeds of 10Mbps. Cashback Paid out by Fonehouse ov… Read more

This deal is live again Here is the link


They were on the website for about an hour this morning. But then all the Vodafone sim only deals were removed. I also checked mobile phones direct and as they usually have similar deals but no


How do you find these?


Agreed limited amount of people will have one But £17 for unlimited data and Spotify. Doesn't really matter if you never use the 5g. I am on Vodafone 4g and can get anywhere between 120 and 90mbps downloads


What u mean? Some ppl will have yes but it won't be many. Many are getting it cause can use with 4g and its 5g ready.

iPhone XR (64GB) - 80GB data, unlt mins and texts, free phone £29/month (Vodafone) @ FoneHouse
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
iPhone XR (64GB) - 80GB data, unlt mins and texts, free phone £29/month (Vodafone) @ FoneHouse
Cheapest deal I can see for no upfront on the new iPhone XR (y) Claimable cashback reduces monthly tariff to £29/month. Includes 'entertainment subscription' (Spotify?), and r… Read more

How is this even a bargain for a phone nearly 3 years old?


Do you get a new number? Or can you move an existing number?


Is the tracking showing it's out for delivery? You should be good!


Mine has finally been dispatched today but it still says 'subject to successful credit check' under the expected delivery date. Is that normal?


Good news mate. It is a cracking phone! Enjoy!

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G 128GB Black on Talkmobile - Unltd Mins/Texts, 10GB £23pm (+£96 cashback) 24mo @ Fonehouse
39° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Great price if you are not data-hungry and happy with a 4G plan. 10 gigs included. Cashback is by redemptions but it is really easy with a reminder. (I use google keep and does the… Read more

Think I have seen 10+ on three. Often their 3G is better than their 4G!


Was that with 3 network (lol)


I believe 3G can theoretically hit 50Mbps (have certainly seen over 10Mbps).


Especially all these who get unlimited data and use 1.5gb (lol) (lol)


@menace indeed - I reckon most folk would not realise the difference between the best 3G, decent 4G & mediocre 5G.

iPhone 12 5G 64GB, ThreeUK Unl. Data, Mins & Txts - £32pm + £89 upfront - Total £857 @ Fonehouse
-207° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Great deal if Three network works in your areas. Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited texts for £32pm*24 months + £89 upfront - Total £857. Black, White, Red, Green, B… Read more

That’s exactly where I am right now. I’m keeping my eyes open in case of a really good deal on a 12 but will most likely wait and make a decision when 13 is announced and the price for 12 drops


Won’t these come right down in 2 months when the 13 comes out? I need a new phone but gonna hang out till then. I can’t see the 13 being a major upgrade but when I see the specs I’ll decide if I get a 13 or a 12 at a lower price.


There isn’t many deals out there atm, not sure if it’s chip shortage causing it. I bit yesterday and went for: iPhone 12 128gb 02 £35 per month (inc. VAT)+ Unlimited Minutes+ Unlimited Texts+ 120GB Data+ 24 Month Contract £150 upfront


Do you think you’re equally intelligent slagging off the people slagging off Three? (cheeky)


Sheesh. There’s always (at least) one muppet thinking they’re clever slagging off three. Works great for me where I live, whereas ee and vids don’t. (O2 is fine also)

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