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Foscam UK: up to 50% off Indoor+Outdoor Security Cameras
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
Foscam UK: up to 50% off Indoor+Outdoor Security Cameras
I've been looking for voucher codes/deals for this site for several weeks, but could never find anything. Wanted to buy from here because it's cheaper if you add on additional item… Read more

Andy, which iOS app do you use? Thanks :-)


Hi Which iOS app do you use and do you subscribe to their Cloud? I want cloud but they are a bit pricey when more then one camera.


Weird picture artifacts and glitches when cameras run full res. It is fairly ok if the fans are set to 720p though, but the image quality is bad. I was using 9961EPs


Out of interest, what cameras did you have and what were the problems? Maybe I’ve been lucky but not had anything fail on mine (fi9831p).


To be honest I’ve used Foscam cameras in the past and been happy with them. Have had these for over 3 years and no problems. The apps pretty shoddy, but I use 3rd party ones on iOS instead. Not familiar with the Yi cameras, but I’d expect quality will be lower. I noted from a quick look now that the yi is 15fps, whereas the Foscam r2 is 30fps. If fps is lower, I’d expect the sensor for image quality will be inferior, but I don’t know this for sure. The yi also has no ethernet from what I can see. When I retire these as baby cameras, I will be using them for security in my home. If they are WiFi only, signal jammers can be used. Call me crazy, but if they are stealing cars off people driveways by amplifying remote keys from inside your home, I don’t consider a burglar using a WiFi jammer so unlikely.

40% Off Foscam R2 (Black or White) £71.99 with code
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Posted 4th May 2018Posted 4th May 2018
40% Off Foscam R2 (Black or White) £71.99 with code£71.99£119.9940% off
This is an amazing price! I have a couple of the slightly lower spec model and I love them! Just bought two of these and treated myself to an upgrade! You can't go wrong with the… Read more

What reviews? I haven't read anything bad about this model


Fantastic little camera full HD and quick to set up with a QR code that you scan with your phone/tablet.


With the reviews this thing gets £70 seems over priced


Dur. Thanks.


Er... is that a good price..? :|

Foscam Black Friday deal - 20℅ off.
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Foscam Black Friday deal - 20℅ off.
Foscam black Friday deal. 20℅ off. Discount applied at checkout.

Thats general for all cameras. The main difference between brands is better support and updates. I don't own a Xiomi camera, but do own quite a few Foscam ones. Generally software bugs and firmware updates will be released more regularly for more well known brands like Foscam.


Is that in general for all cameras or just well received brands? (I was originally looking at the Xiomi one which looked quite low profile)


Choose a strong password and keep the firmware up to date and you'll be fine.


How is the security of attacks from the internet? I've been reading about these cheap ones and they even have built in vulnerabilities...

Foscam security cameras buy 2 get cheapest free
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Posted 27th Aug 2016Posted 27th Aug 2016
Foscam security cameras buy 2 get cheapest free
All Foscam products. Buy 2 get 3rd free. Ends Monday 29th.

Your text here


​agree, not clear how to edit on android app?


​Retailer = Foscam Price = Depends what you order.


OP or mod - the title needs amending to buy three get cheapest free or just three for two


Seems a fair deal .. Buy 2, Get 1 Free. Promotion automatically applied at checkout, valid until 23:59PM Monday 29th August.

Foscam FI9900P 1080P HD IP Smartphone CCTV Camera - 20% Off - £79.99 WAS £99.99
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Posted 24th Mar 2016Posted 24th Mar 2016
Foscam FI9900P 1080P HD IP Smartphone CCTV Camera - 20% Off - £79.99 WAS £99.99£79.99
Now have two of these for my home, and have just received an Easter offer from Foscam directly, automatically giving 20% off the entire site at checkout. The FI9900P is the first … Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

I did mention some bad reviews when I called, and was told there are two Foscam's in the UK. That it was the other site is run by an american company thats support is awful


Not a particularly nice come to buy from. After sales are ****. Avoid

Foscam FI9821P (Plug&Play) Wireless N 720P HD £62.49 with code (or 2 for £113.98)
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Posted 2nd Apr 2015Posted 2nd Apr 2015
Foscam FI9821P (Plug&Play) Wireless N 720P HD £62.49 with code (or 2 for £113.98)
Foscam FI9821P (Plug&Play) Wireless N 720P HD £62.49 (or 2 for £113.98) delivered. @ FoscamUK I had been looking to buy a Foscam ip camera and registered on their website, s… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

My friend got the same device from eBay..I got Product ID from him because I am going to buy it Product ID :- 161241367538




These "security" cameras are still way overpriced. My partner just bought a 12 MegaPixel camera for his car and it only cost £24.00 the detail at maximum quality chugging 30fps is astounding.


They ignore any and all requests to cease sending newsletters too!


lol and they are easy as anything to hack as they still have not fully patched the firmware

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Foscam FI9853EP PoE 720P HD IPCamera (External/IP66/Weatherproof) £69.99 (or 2 for £132.98) delivered. @ FoscamUK
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Posted 9th Mar 2015Posted 9th Mar 2015
Foscam FI9853EP PoE 720P HD IPCamera (External/IP66/Weatherproof) £69.99 (or 2 for £132.98) delivered. @ FoscamUK£69.99
I installed a couple of FI9805E IP cameras last year (at £120 each) and wanted to add some more coverage around the house. I was expecting I'd have to spend another £120 per camera… Read more

I run Zoneminder on Linux on an old laptop as well as iSpy64 on a windows machine. iSpy64 is by far the easiest to configure.


I use Xprotect Go from Milestone to monitor my Qvis AMB-MB2 2MP cameras. I have 4 of them, using POE from a Netgear GS108PE. Xprotect Go is free and will allow you to monitor up to 8 cameras, being Windows it does require decent hardware. I have just upgraded my NVR PC to an i3 laptop with 4GB of ram which now seems to run fine. Before the upgrade it was running the 4 cameras on an old Dell Optiplex 380 (intel E7500) which was OK but a bit slow. Like pgregg mentions above I also have a HP Microserver which I use to share a 2TB hard drive via iscsi to the laptop as the storage. All in all it works floorlessly, recording is set to always and motion detection. The old small bug bear is that Xprotect Go being free will only allow you to keep the last 5 days of recordings before it writes over it. For me this is of no issue but thought I would mention it as it might affect some. Obviously you can upgrade to different levels of Xprotect but for me it had to be free software :-)


Thanks for your detailed response however, I need a solution for a windows machine. Did some digging and Blue Iris might be what I am looking for.


I'm running Zoneminder on linux. I also have a HP microserver - fantastic little box and more than capable of running 4 cameras.. tho I don't use mine for the cameras. Anyway, I don't know how it works on windows, but in zoneminder there are several options to tell it how to record. - None – The monitor is currently disabled. No streams can be viewed or events generated. Nothing is recorded. - Monitor – The monitor is only available for live streaming. No image analysis is done so no alarms or events will be generated, and nothing will be recorded. - Modect – or MOtion DEteCTtion. All captured images will be analysed and events generated with recorded video where motion is detected. - Record – The monitor will be continuously recorded. Events of a fixed-length will be generated regardless of motion, analogous to a conventional time-lapse video recorder. No motion detection takes place in this mode. - Mocord – The monitor will be continuously recorded, with any motion being highlighted within those events. - Nodect – or No DEteCTtion. This is a special mode designed to be used with external triggers. In Nodect no motion detection takes place but events are recorded if external triggers require it. I tried them all, and the one that is most useful to me is "MoCord". Every frame is recorded and written to disk. Any motion that it detects (using custom zones that I can configure via the web interface, and above a specific threshhold) it sets an "Alarm" on those frames. I also have a scheduled task that checks disk space and goes through removing old recorded frames - so it self-manages. I get about 1 month of continuous recording for 2 cameras. On the management web page, I can see how many alarms happened that day and it gives me short cuts to click and watch those videos. If there is something I want to keep, there is an archive button. I click that and it never gets deleted. The reason for my choice of record everything + alarm on motion is that, sometimes, motion detection sucks and it just misses things. This way if I know something happened that was too small to trigger a motion detection in a zone... like the neighbours dog taking a dump at the end of my driveway, I can pan through and see it anyway.


Currently 2 cameras at 960p (1.3Mp), running off a *very* low powered D525 Atom based computer. I wrote about the server here It is getting on a bit now having been through a few different uses. Finally settling on being the ZM server. 2GB ram and 2x2TB harddisks. Load sits on average at 0.8, so I may have to tweak things to see if I can get it to handle 4 cameras. I'll probably just lower the framerate to 3fps and switch the 920p cameras to 720p. I don't have any capture cards - that would be only for analogue cameras. Switch is a 8 port 1Gb POE switch (with just 4 ports POE) Obviously these cameras don't have Gb connections, so they run at (iirc) 100Mb. No issues with networking.

Foscam Megapixel (1280 x 720p) Outdoor Bullet Wireless IP Camera Sale
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Posted 5th Mar 2014Posted 5th Mar 2014
Foscam Megapixel (1280 x 720p) Outdoor Bullet Wireless IP Camera Sale£93.49
Foscam are having a sale on their latest Outdoor Megapixel 1280x720p Wireless IP Camera, the FI9804W. This camera is excellent for capturing video outdoors in 720p HD. Grab it now … Read more



Do you need to buy an outdoors model, i have 2 of the Foscams inside buy viewing outside, the only thing to remember is to turn the IR off at night as it reflects of the glass, remotely you can do this with that app.


I had one of these and it would lock up if there was a lot of movement in it's area of view. Not recommended.


Thanks, I'll give one of those a go, see how I get on.


I had a pair of these, whilst eay to set up and ok picture quality they do look slightly naff in silver. I sent then back having bought these off ebay which are smaller, white and better picture quality. I use blue iris too.

Foscam FI8904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera - £58.49
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Posted 5th Jul 2013Posted 5th Jul 2013
Foscam FI8904W Outdoor Wireless IP Camera - £58.49£58.49
Currently a 10% saving and free delivery directly from Foscam, using the code JULY4

this is a fairly old model now. search eBay and you'll find the latest version for not much more.


this is def the way to go only strategy they will fight the clone market... i have a foscam clone for the past 2 years.... works like a charm got if for £39 back then


Interested until I looked at specs, only wireless g supported and only ancient mpeg video not h.264 so cold from me


doesnt seem like a bad price!

Foscam FI8910W (Black) With IR-Cut Filter Wireless N IP Camera £59.49 delivered @
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Posted 14th Jun 2013Posted 14th Jun 2013
Foscam FI8910W (Black) With IR-Cut Filter Wireless N IP Camera £59.49 delivered @£59.49
Use code valentines to get the above price. The FI8918W is available again at amazon for £49.99 also but this doesn't have an IR filter for better colour rendition. The Foscam FI… Read more

What software does anyone user for recording upon motion detection?


The ebuyer one has gone now so I think this is the cheapest deal now for this camera.


I'm tempted by the saving, could do with that! Problem is the feedback for ebuyer is abysmal! Also, newbies like me would have no helping hand from Foscam when setting it up.:(


Well if you do, buy it from ebuyer because as mentioned earlier its £49.99. I'm actually tempted to by a few to replace my older FI8918W models, because £49.99 is the best price this has ever been.


Thanks for the replies, think I might invest in one.

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