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Matt Haig Christmas Bundle £10  Foyles
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Matt Haig Christmas Bundle £10 Foyles£10
The first two books in Matt Haig's Christmas series - in hardback! (individually the hardbacks are £9.92 and £9.47 on Amazon) Free UK delivery. 7.35% Topcashback
free spatio-temporal encounter with physicist carlo rovelli - central london
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Posted 24th Apr 2018Posted 24th Apr 2018
free spatio-temporal encounter with physicist carlo rovelli - central london
only if you've got world enough and time, of course. ---- Meet best-selling author and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli as he stops by to sign copies of his brand new book The Order Of T…

Carlo Rovelli on why time is not what it seemsThe Life Scientific Carlo Rovelli first became interested in the nature of time when he took LSD as a young man. Later he became curious about the world of the almost absurdly small, where time has no meaning and space is grainy. He took seven years to complete his undergraduate degree, having spent a lot of time protesting against the political establishment, falling in love and travelling. An extended hippy trip across north America was, he says, perhaps the most useful time of his life. All this rebelling taught him the value of seeing the world in a different way and the benefits of challenging the status quo. In the end he concluded it was easier, and more meaningful, to challenge Einstein's understanding of time, than it was to overthrow the government. He's a theoretical physicist who became a household name when his book Seven Brief Lessons on Physics became an unexpected international bestseller. His concise, and poetic, introduction to the laws and beauty of physics has sold more than a million copies. He's also a pioneer of one of the most exciting and profound ideas in modern physics, called loop quantum gravity. Early in his research career, he rejected more mainstream approaches to unifying physics (string theory for example) in favour of trying to understand the quantum nature of gravity. No one in Italy was working on this when he started to think about it in the early 1980s, and his PhD thesis was effectively unsupervised. The quantum world he studies is a billion trillion times smaller than the smallest atomic nucleus. When understood at this absurdly tiny scale, the world is 'a frenzied swarming of quanta that appear and disappear'. It makes no sense to talk about time as we understand it, or even things. The world is made up of a network of interacting events, 'kisses not stones', that are linked together by loops. And the evidence that's needed to prove the theory of loop quantum gravity will be found by studying the white holes that emerge when a black hole dies. Producer: Anna Buckley.


another physicist on bbc radio 4 today. ---------- Tej Lalvani on Richard Feynman Great Lives Richard Feynman was a physicist who helped design the atomic bomb and won the Nobel Prize. He is the great life choice of businessman Tej Lalvani CEO of his family business Vitabiotics and the newest Dragon on the BBC show Dragon's Den. Feynman was also regarded as something of an eccentric and a free spirit who had a passion for playing the bongos. Helping to make the case for this great life Tej is joined by the expert witness David Berman, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary University of London. The presenter is Matthew Parris and the producer is Perminder Khatkar.


carlo on `start the week` - bbc radio 4. abridged version of programme broadcast tonight at 21.30 hours. The Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli delves into the meaning of time. He tells Andrew Marr how we live in a timeless world but have evolved to perceive time's flow. The astrophysicist Carole Mundell is interested in the extragalactic. Her studies of the universe beyond our Milky Way help expand knowledge of cosmic black holes and explain powerful explosions in space. Space travel is the new frontier, but exactly 250 years ago the Endeavour set sail from Plymouth seeking to test the limits of scientific understanding. An exhibition at the British Library, curated by Laura Walker, tells the story of Captain Cook's world-changing voyages and their studies into the skies, seas and lands beyond our shores. And the marine biologist Helen Scales is more interested in exploring the world beneath the oceans. Her latest book marvels at the wonders of fish, from centuries-old giants to tiny restless travellers moving in shoals across our globe. Producer: Katy Hickman Carlo Rovelli is an author and theoretical physicist who has made significant contributions to the physics of space and time. He is currently directing the quantum gravity research group of the Centre de Physique Théorique in France The Order of Time (Translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre) is published by Allen Lane.


carlo on `start the week` - bbc radio 4 :


Read Seven Brief Lessons last year, great little read.

Free hot drink at Foyles in Cabot Circus (Bristol) when you download the Cabot Circus app
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Posted 24th Feb 2016Posted 24th Feb 2016LocalLocal
Free hot drink at Foyles in Cabot Circus (Bristol) when you download the Cabot Circus app
From an email received today (24/02/16): FREE HOT DRINK AT FOYLES Download the Cabot Circus PLUS app Foyles are offering you a free hot drink when you download the Cabot Circus PLUS app. …
free tickets for sunday times young writers event at foyles in london : free beer and pizza
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Posted 16th Nov 2015Posted 16th Nov 2015
free tickets for sunday times young writers event at foyles in london : free beer and pizza
Monday 23rd November 2015 6pm - 8:30pm 107 Charing Cross Road To celebrate the return of The Sunday Times / Peters Fraser & Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award this year, Foyles Ch…

Beer for 'young' writers?! oO


Thank you for this. I realize this isn't doing very well on a consumer-product hungry website, but I love it!

Atlas of Adventures book £10 @ Foyles
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Posted 2nd Dec 2014Posted 2nd Dec 2014
Atlas of Adventures book £10 @ Foyles£10
I have been looking at this book on Amazon for a while but then I spotted it for half price at Foyles (£5 less than Amazon's current price). A beautiful book for children & adults alike.…
free music at foyles bookshop - london
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Posted 17th Feb 2014Posted 17th Feb 2014
free music at foyles bookshop - london
Thursday 20th February 2014 6pm - 7pm Charing Cross RoadRay's Jazz Event, Free Event Newanderthal is a music project featuring Ansuman Biswas, Malcolm Darwen, Tom Green, and Haymanot Tesfa…



no-one's stopping you ;)


My local pub has bands on a Friday night that you don't need tickets for. Can I post that as a deal too?

The Complete Maus Paperback 1/2 Price £8.49 @ Foyles
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Posted 11th Dec 2013Posted 11th Dec 2013
The Complete Maus Paperback 1/2 Price £8.49 @ Foyles£8.49
"The Complete Maus" by Art Spiegelman - the Pulitzer prize-winning Holocaust survivor story. "The most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust". ("Wall Street Jour…

Possibly a better purchase than the half price ferreros getting heat at moment ie more memorable and satisfying (not tasted the book but possibly wins here too!) great price for a great work of art - i think this won a pulitzer prize back in the day + was first comic book to win one


Good price, and a genuinely moving piece of art. op - worth mentioning that this is the paperback and the deal is @Foyles. cheers!

Nook hd+ 9inch 32Gb £149, free postage with possible 9% Quidco Cashback of £10 £149 @ Foyles
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Posted 6th Oct 2013Posted 6th Oct 2013
Nook hd+ 9inch 32Gb £149, free postage with possible 9% Quidco Cashback of £10 £149 @ Foyles£149
Plenty of threads on here about the 9" Nook HD+ I'm really just posting to give a heads up about the 9% Quidco cashback. The price of the 9inch HD+ nook hasn't gone down but 9% cashback and…

I'm using standard nook OS with Nova Launcher - see my previous post at #40


thanks for your reply. i've got andriod dongle which i guess i could use to stream,not heard of tonky beam,i might look into it.did you install cm on your as i hear,people that have rooted will not be able to use the hdmi cable.i am still pondering on the thought but look at other options too.nook does look lovly and the battery performance is intising.on another not the posted zoostorm looks like a good option.


really getting grips with my nook now and loving it. The screen is propper lovely. Just been back on foyles website no more 9" HD+ in stock and the 7" is back up to £99!


I haven't got one yet, but I've ordered from the barnesandnoble site linked in my post above, just login with your existing account. The code worked for me and I've got an order confirmation email (it comes from USA) :-) However, if you've got an internet enabled TV, you can stream direct from nook to TV using apps such as Twonky Beam (free) or iMediashare (paid). Twonky Beam works great, but I wanted ability to watch films etc on friends & family TVs, which don't have internet ability.


is the cable worth getting.some reviews say its not great.where can you that code for uk delivery?

Original NOOK simple touch case from Foyles for £14.44 (Click and Collect)
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Posted 2nd May 2013Posted 2nd May 2013
Original NOOK simple touch case from Foyles for £14.44 (Click and Collect)£14.44
Only available in Limited stores or for £16.99 with home delivery This is for those that want the embossed nook logo on their Nook case/cover. The Oliver Cover combines style with pract…

Can you post a link to to where you mich find them on ebay at this price? I tried to find them with no luck.


nook got from currys yesterday £29 + extra £10 for this case & 3 year warranty including any damage like screen broken & any kind of problem, we will replace new one said manager.


Just like paying £400 + for an iPad / iPhone and putting it a 99p case. No logic to it


like OptimusPrimeval said Currys been selling these for £9.99 as I ordered 2 yesterday morning for Home Delivery as couldn't be bothered to mess around looking for a cheaper case...only available in black on their website but not sure if other colours are available in store...annoying thing is that PCWorld/Currys were selling off the red version for £0.91 a couple of months they wish they could have seen into the future and the sudden massive increase in Nook sales :p


£3.99 delivered on ebay from several sellers in the USA or China ( so more than 2 weeks for delivery but much cheaper)

Nook Simple Touch Ereader @ Foyles in stock for free delivery and collect in store
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Posted 30th Apr 2013Posted 30th Apr 2013
Nook Simple Touch Ereader @ Foyles in stock for free delivery and collect in store£29
Nook Simple touch ereader In stock at £29 for free delivery or collect in store I don't think I need to add anything as this has been voted hot at sainsburys, argos, currys, and asda who a…

I have since managed to order one from Asda (currently in a delivery van somewhere) so cancelled the order with Foyles as they were still waiting for stock arrival


I did a full charge and it switches on ok but the screen is almost impossible to read. It has missing parts all over it and the rest is faint. They told me they will swap when they get more stock


Must admit I wondered if that was the problem as read about it on the other posts for the Nook...hence the reason I was asking exactly what was wrong with it.


If it won't switch on - leave it on charge for half an hour , then it will . Many are shipping with totally flat batteries and they need some charge in them before the Nook will power on ( even when plugged into power)


Haven't received mine...contacted them over a week ago and received reply on 4th of May stating the following: "Thank you for your email. I'm afraid we had a lot more demand for the Nook Simple Touch than we had to supply. Since the price was reduced we had hundreds of orders within a few hours. We were expecting a large delivery on Wednesday, but it has not yet arrived with us. We have chased the distributor, who has put the delay down to "an issue with the supply chain". We should receive new stock early next week, at which point we will process the outstanding orders. We would normally have let customers know, but as we had hundreds of orders - in addition to our usual orders for other items - we have ben unable to contact everyone. Your order is on the system and will be processed as soon as the Nooks arrive, but if the wait is too long for you please let us know and we will cancel your order for you. No charges have yet been made. I should 'warn' you, though, that we've received information that most other retailers have also sold out. If you do decide to purchase elsewhere I recommend making sure they have Nooks in stock before cancelling this order. I'm very sorry for the delay to your order and for any inconvenience caused as a result. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions." However since then I've heard nothing...did email them again on 11th of May asking for an update but not had a reply yet.

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