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£5 Pizzas In January With Voucher Via Email / App @ Franco Manca

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Through January, Franco Manca are offering ANY eat in pizza from their main menu or specials board for just £5! And it’s not just for you – the £5 offer applies to up to 6 pizzas on your table.

To get deal you need to fill in a form and download the app.

Simply fill in the short form below, and your voucher will be waiting for you in the Franco Manca app. If you have the app already, great! If not, download it here and make sure you sign up with the same email address that you entered in the form.

When you visit our restaurant, check in to your table via the app, and then go to the rewards section, where you will find your £5 pizzas voucher. Click ‘Redeem’ next to your voucher
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    I used it today - great deal. The reward wouldn't work in the app (kept generating an error code) but staff still only charged the £5 a pizza
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    Looks nice a nice deal. I have never tried Franco Manca but just might give it a whirl. Thanks for the post, heat added (edited)
    I like their sourdough pizzas. A bit different from the typical chain stores which treat the toppings as far more important than the bread itself.
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    Pretty decent pizza in my opinion. Heat added (edited)
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    Thanks OP. Fairly new restaurant in Cheltenham which took over the vacant Cafe Rouge. Need to give it a try
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    can't believe the likes of Franco Manca are cheaper than Dominos and Pizza Hut
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    I’ve downloaded the app via the website but cannot find the form or the voucher in the app? Can anyone help?
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    Filled in form and downloaded app but nothing in the Rewards section as described
    EDIT: just saw it says need to checked into a table but some are reporting here they can see the voucher without being checked in? (edited)
    Same for me. Nothing waiting for me in the app yet :/
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    The only place I can find that does a marinara pizza (pizza with no cheese).

    Every time I order it, the server always has to question the choice..."the number 1 has no cheese, is that ok"? Of course it's ok, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered it.

    I'm being questioned purely because of the idiots who order a no cheese pizza and subsequently complain it's got no cheese.
    This has happened to me... Guess I'm an idiot
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    That explains why the queue was down the street at my local today
    Really? What’s your local?
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    OK pizzas , but there tomato sauce doesn't have enough punch for me . Fair price at a fiver
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    Pizzas cost virtually nothing to make. It's a good offer, but they won't be making a loss. Good marketing idea. Especially for people like me who have never heard of them before.
    I can provide cheese-stuffed grey squirrels to anyone interested?
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    Make sure to fill in the online form firm (using the same email)
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    Gotta be better than Asda pizza
    No way, asda pizza are worth every penny and knock the cheese of any local takeaway in my area (especially now that they heat your pizza for an axtra 50p)
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    Ok pizza. Some of their combinations are quite tasty. However is too doughy most of the times and the salami ones become soggy and oily. Is worth about £5-£7 if you're hungry.
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    Downloaded but no offer showing.
    App download and form completion both needed (edited)
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    So 1x voucher covers 6x £5 pizzas?
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    Too salty ingredients in use for their pizzas, in my limited experience of them…and their take on pancetta is to leave long bacon-like strips of it across the pizza, which strikes me as just lazy prep
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    Only ever had 1 before and it tasted very sweet, is that normal? It was still decent but unusually sweet for me.

    Heard good things so ill likely give it another try myself, this offer is as good a time as any I guess, thanks OP.
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    Thanks OP good deal.
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    can this be used more than once?
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    Thanks op
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