Frankie and Bennys - 20% off food in September-20%

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ooooh yum, love f & b

Nice voucher, heated

Mmm, I can not wait to go for a dog meat burger.................


Mmm, I can not wait to go for a dog meat burger.................

Voucher not valid in the Korean Frankie and Bennie's!!

dog meat burger? the burgers are well nice from there. If you want a dog meat burger get yourself to mcdonalds

Cheers, should go well with the Odeon 40% off voucher for a cheap night out.

a mixed grill is about £20 from there and its not even filling enough to make me not want dessert, im only an 11 stoner too!

£16 for a mixed grill still doesnt cut it for me...i could get 3 mixed grills from the local sizzler for that and they taste just as nice

Give us 50% off like what Pizza Hut regularly do and I might consider it.

Still an OK offer if you were going there anyway I suppose.

Perfect thanks. ideal for my next visit to Stansted airport next week.
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