Free £10 Gift Card with any PS3 game bought from today @ Currys

Free £10 Gift Card with any PS3 game bought from today @ Currys


This is a great deal but I really need more information about it. I'm going to give my nearest store a ring and see what they say.

edit. Sorry, do you mean if you buy a PS3 console or PS3 game??

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Game....I bought Resistence 2 for £33.76 for my son and thats when they told me the offer had started today.
Not sure if its on other consol games or not......sorry.

When I rang them they said they didn't have a current offer like that. But that was the main currys call centre - not my nearest branch. I'll go along and have a look today - it seems they were doing an offer if you bought a games console, ipod, sat nav etc you got a £10 voucher - but I think that's changed now.

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Definately started yesterday. The guy who served me didn't know about it untill someone else told him about it. I bought mine at the Nottingham Castle Marina Store.
Thought it was a good deal but guess not according to the cold votes. 1st time deal for me as well and don't know if I put it under the right section. :-(

Just went to currys and it's only on consoles not games. Must have been a mistake if they gave you a voucher. Unless it's just your store?

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Well I'm not complaining :-D
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