Get code & visit siteINO
You can get £20 Real money for free at Gcasino.

No deposit is required to get this. And there is now withdraw restrictions

Just sign up to GCASINO and in the coupon box put "CASINO" and choose the Free £20 option box.

You will get £20 into your account without depositing. Then anything you win you can withdraw straight away.

You can't bet £10 on red and £10 on black but one way of guaranteeing to get £18 is bet £6 on 1st 12 numbers and £6 on 2nd 12 numbers, and £6 on 3rd 12 numbers, then £2 on 0 .

You can withdraw anything you win straight away.
Worth it for free money and its free.


here we go again

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I managed to get £102 with this betting on numbers on the roulette So I'm happy

in the same bed as Blue Square, G Casino, Mecca Games or Mecca Bingo . I've already got an account at thoses so I'm out.

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Why is this expired. It works ?

I assume they need our bank account details?


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Even though it says that its not. Hotukdeals has added its on affiliate link in and it takes you to an old landing page.

Just visit gcasino.com and signup. You will see when you put in the code it comes up Free £20

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I assume they need our bank account details?

Nope you dont need bank account details. You can select UKash and you dont need to enter any details, then if you win you can enter your details after to withdraw money. Or you can withdraw to moneybookers, Neteller if you dont want to put in your details

damn i used my card details and they want a minimum £5 deposit now

ah i just logged out and back in and seems to have cheated the system

Original Poster Banned

so does your balance say £20 ?

yeah my balance says £20 buts its virtual cash at the moment, Just use it to do what the OP said, £6 on first, then equal bets on 2nd and 3rd sets and £2 on 0 to get £18

anyone else got some tips to getting more money?


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Em, you could bet all the £20 on either red or black. 50/50 chance and get £40 lol

Original Poster Banned

Bet £10 on first set and £10 on second set . 66.66% chance of getting £30


i did the £6, £6, £6 and £2 on 0 and 0 came in at x32

i love you op

Original Poster Banned

You are so lucky getting 0 to come up :P Well done

Well I've withdrawn £23, happy with that and will never visit there again lol. If it comes through then easiest £23 I've ever made

apprently 0 is quite common on virtual and online roulette
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It is easy to get some money with this for a few minutes work

£12 fee to withdraw is that right???

Just withdrew £18 for free. Thanks so much for posting!

That was just too easy.

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£12 fee to withdraw is that right???

No its free to withdraw. How are you trying to withdraw. Where does it say that

I went to withdraw, gave the option of bank or cheque? and then said £5 fee for cheque or £12 for bank wire?

Original Poster Banned


I went to withdraw, gave the option of bank or cheque? and then said £5 … I went to withdraw, gave the option of bank or cheque? and then said £5 fee for cheque or £12 for bank wire?

Yeah it costs £5 fee for a cheque or £12 for bank wire, but you can withdraw for FREE to a card, or to neteller or moneybookers
Edited by: "solidsnake1" 23rd Oct 2010

Do I have to register a card on the deposit screen for that first for that option to appear on the withdraw screen? does it have to be a certain type of card?

Sorted it thank you!!

Is it possible to have multiple accounts? (within reason of course!)

Original Poster Banned

Not really, they can check and see if you have registered at your address before


Can i not used paypal?

hi there - what game do i need to play to bet the £6, £6, £6, £2 please???

Edited by: "melmorc" 23rd Oct 2010

worked for me! I only wish I knew how to gamble and I could have won more!


How do i withdraw?

@ my account - withdraw

How is this not hotter? £18 for 2 minutes work! Thanks so much OP.

Thanks OP, got £18 and made it up to £36 with a couple of 60p bets
Edited by: "mai" 23rd Oct 2010

Why does it say 'you cannot place any more bets because two bets have already been registered for two dozens?'

Lost £18 there by trying to do as directed.

Are you lot winning in the normal casino? If so, I've just lost everything because I went on LIVE Roulette.

So, yeah. Thanks.

won £100, thanks OP. Hope it works out with the cash out
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