Free 26 page 14x13cm Photobook and 40 6x4 Prints @ Jessops using discount voucher code

Free 26 page 14x13cm Photobook and 40 6x4 Prints @ Jessops using discount voucher code

Found 19th Jan 2010Made hot 21st Jan 2010
This is a small photobook, normally worth £6, but you get it free - if you are a new customer.

You are also allowed AFTER using this code to use another new customer code to get 40 free 6x4 prints.

The official instructions are below but they are a bit confusing.
How to claim your Free CEWE PHOTOBOOK or £6 discount
1. Download our free CEWE PHOTOBOOK creation software
2. Create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK
3. Enter the voucher code GREATBOOK when ordering to receive your Free Booklet or £6 discount

How to get it:

Download the software from the jessops website:…tml

Once installed, on the first screen click the "Square and Small" Tab, then click the "CEWE Photobook Small 14x13cm" Set 26 Pages and design the book. Adding more pages will cost money.

At checkout, enter the "GREATBOOK" code and setup a new account. It should not ask you for your debit card, if it goes, you have done something wrong! Do collect from store (free) and voila!

Every additional 8 pages costs £1.50, which you will need to pay for if you use more than 26 pages.

Now, after you have uploaded the photobook, you will get a confirmation email. In that email it will invite you to also use the "WELCOME" code to get the free 6x4 prints if collected from store!


fab ! thankyooou :thumbsup:
heat+rep left


thanks for the code... checkout process is slow and tedious but we're getting there

Many thanks! A nice cheap pressie sorted.

Original Poster

cool, i uploaded mine tuesday morning, and wednesday afternoon they sent email that it should be at my pickup store within a day! woohoo! cant wait to see how good or bad it is

Great thanks will give it a go.:thumbsup:

will get my gf to do one tomorrow, thanks.

Thanks will give it try.

Heat added and Rep left :thumbsup:

i get to page on process order get through it all and it says i cant have book without pictures so do i put some on when i do it say i got to pay? any help plz


thank you

Gonna give this a try, cheers :thumbsup:

it keeps saying i cant order photo book without pictures any help plz?

Whats the delivery time like with Jessops? I ordered one for delivery today.

Heat added cheers


it keeps saying i cant order photo book without pictures any help plz?

Hmmm!! well its a photobook so you have to have pictures, you cant just have a blank book its all done online its not a photo album if thats what you mean?? hope that helps!!

heat added - thanks just ordered mine although I must admit I use blurb all the time as theyre so cheap!

haha just ordered the same one for mum to for her to collect!

I must remember to order this.....

Late reply, but great find - did one of these last year and great quality. Nice to have something to look back on and its much better than looking through 100's files on the computer!

got this through- very pleased with it. cheers OP!

Hi ascen - thanks for posting your link - this one is definitely best if you can pick up from a Jessops store, but not as good if you need to get it posted (£3.95 ish compared to £2.90) - have put the link to the mypix one below as well in case anyone wants to do this but can't pick up…ly-
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