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min order value???

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there isn't one :thumbsup:

i tried it with a £4.99 order and it wouldn't work! not sure what i am doing wrong?!

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as far as I know there is no MOV. Its on front of my OH envelope containing her statement. I don't wanna open in case theres something she dont want me to see! :thumbsup:

it also wont let me enter my credit card details????? any1else havin this prob?

Do you reckon this will combine with some of the other free item codes on the forums?

Catalogue No. Option Description Status Price Qty Remove
81C361WJ Hand Towel - Spa Stripe Towels In Stock 3.49 1

Next Day Delivery is not available for this order More Info.

TOTAL = 3:49

offer code: ERKP

Please note that some discount codes/offer codes applied to your order including 'Buy One Get One Free' and '3 for 2' offers will NOT be shown in your bag above, but will be deducted before payment is taken and shown on your statement. Prices shown for products from our Discover range already include your discount. Discounts do not apply to electrical products, for more information click here.
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not sure does this means work or not......... can anyone confirm please
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