Free £3 voucher for takeaway.. @

Free £3 voucher for takeaway.. @



It's a great deal but it's already been posted.
Deal been around for a while, but its good to repost every few weeks, as not everyone will trawl trough the backpages of deals!

No minimum order from what I recall, and you can use the voucher multiple times, just use different phone numbers.

EDIT: still working, just used it today (18th Sept) at noon for a pizza order.
Its the Metro 3 offer been on for ages why didnt you just say so :?…me/
Thanks for posting, the other thread has been expired so wouldnt of tried it if it wasnt for this thread
Used it again tonight... can't believe its still working!!! This must be like the longest running voucher code ever...
hot i am gonna try it toniteee =] x
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