Free £30 Google AdWords Voucher

Free £30 Google AdWords Voucher



Thanks gary - just what i need!
Great find. Are there any codes out there which can be used on older existing accounts?
Thanks for the code gary

Great find. Are there any codes out there which can be used on older … Great find. Are there any codes out there which can be used on older existing accounts?

Had a quick google this morning and couldnt see any.
"Please note that this offer is not valid for free email addresses. "
Cheers gary, just what i need as well

"Please note that this offer is not valid for free email addresses. "

Good point - thanks for highlighting that.
What is Adwords?

Sorry to be dumb....:oops:
nice one - shall tie this up to a nice CPC campaign paying £2 per click
Awesome if it comes through, I just launched a new site

I wonder though, does an adsense account count? I mean, I have had an adsense account for years, can I just sign up to adwords via that and use the voucher there or will that count as being older than 14 days?
Erh, CPC? 2 quid per click? What is that, gambling or something? You must have the right kind of content too i suppose?


nice one - shall tie this up to a nice CPC campaign paying £2 per click

Cost Per Click, not sure how it could tie in with adwords though as I am pretty sure you can only advertise actual websites and not affiliate links etc ?
Signed up - looking forward to putting it to use.

Mine just arrived, time to read those terms...

Start advertising today with your free £30 Google AdWords voucher!Google … Start advertising today with your free £30 Google AdWords voucher!Google AdWords allows you to reach thousands of potential new customers - thisemail will help you take full advantage of that opportunity.Your personal voucher code for £30 free advertising is xxxxxxThis code is valid until 31/07/2007To activate the voucher, please go to to set up your newAdWords account. Start the account set up process and follow the simple instructionsto start your campaign. When you reach the point of entering your Billing Preferences,you will be invited to enter your promotional code. You will now have £30 to spendon ads and your campaigns can begin!The terms of the voucher are described below. You can run your ads for as long or asshort a period as you want, so you have complete control. Only one promotional codeis valid per customer and you cannot use the code more than once.If you would like to know more about AdWords, you can find easy to use moduleswithin our Learning Centre to help you improve your knowledge. can also access the voiceover enabled presentations that we give at our GoogleUniversities. These introduce you to Google AdWords and demonstrate how you canuse Google AdWords to extend the reach of your business. hope you enjoy the results you will see from advertising with Google!The Google TeamYou have received this email because your details were registered on our websiterequesting a free online advertising voucher.*Terms and Conditions* -Terms and Conditions apply: Promotional credit is available only to new GoogleAdWords customers who sign up using the on-line self-managed process and whose accounts are less than 14 days old at the time youenter your promotional code. Use of Google AdWords and redemption of thepromotional credit is subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of thecurrent Advertising Terms and Conditions. The promotional credit will beautomatically credited to your new Google Adwords account once you have enteredyour promotional code and billing preferences. If you choose the post-pay paymentmethod, the account activation fee (currently £5) will be deducted from thepromotional credit before this is credited to your account. If you choose the pre-paypayment method, you must make an initial minimum payment (from which theaccount activation fee will be deducted) to activate the account before the promotionalcredit can be credited to your account. You will be charged for any advertisingcharges that exceed the promotional credit, and you are solely responsible for thepayment of any taxes incurred. If you do not wish to incur additional charges beyondthe promotional credit then you should monitor your account and pause or delete yourcampaign before or once this amount has been reached. The promotional credit isnon-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. If you indicate that your GoogleAdWords account should be subject to a different currency to the one in which yourpromotional credit has been awarded, then the actual amount of the promotional creditmay be subject to foreign currency fluctuations. Offer may be changed or revoked atany time for any reason by Google Ireland Limited and/or any affiliated companyoffering the AdWords service in your country. One promotional credit per customer.Offer expires 31/07/2007. Void where prohibited or restricted bylaw. Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google Inc. and are registered in the USand other countries. Your use of this voucher and/or the promotional credit constitutesyour acceptance of these terms and conditions.

thanks , great post

how much do we get charged per click?
Google FAQ

Your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) is the highest amount that you are … Your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) is the highest amount that you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. You can set a maximum CPC at the keyword- or ad group-level. The AdWords Discounter automatically reduces this amount so that the actual CPC you are charged is just one cent more than the minimum necessary to keep your position on the page.

Sent off for this 2 days ago and still nothing... how long did it take for all of you to get it?

sorry what does this actually do? can we earn money from this if we dont have a website?
no jasonrat it just advertises your site high in the sponsored links in google meaning more advertising for your site.
I have been using this, used nearly £8 of the budget of £25

It takes £5 from the £30 you get, be aware!

I love you man, i use to have a way to get completely free advertising with them and i was spending around £100 a day advertising my site but they caught on Thanks again
One thing I have learned from this, I'd never pay to advertise on far I have paid £16 for 80 clicks...could get more than that just by plugging myself on a few forums I post at!
Adwords is invaluable to companies trying to make a profit these days.

I remember a documentry a few years ago regarding Google and they highlighted the flaw in Adwords. Basically they switched to some old guy repeatedly clicking on his sponsors link tyring to use up his budget........... made me laugh
This is still working
How long does it take to receive voucher? Thanks
Cracking deal, I did the Free £50 one when Google Adwords first launched too.

How long does it take to receive voucher? Thanks

Im not 100% sure but not long... a few days max.
Got my voucher through this morning, many thanks OP

Not for Free Emails.

Will some1 plz explain which email addresses r accepted if not free ones :?
Well all non free ones... :?

Well all non free ones... :?

Ok Gary, I admit i'm dumb.
Can u giv me an example.
Do u mean emails that users pay xtra 4 aditional features?

No email addresses that you can sign up for online for free... including (but not limited to) yahoo, hotmail, aol, gmail, googlemail etc... Basicly you have to own your own domain name and use that as the e-mail.
anyone got an update on this at all?

I could do with one for my site
What update do you want?
Just to say; this is still workin for anyone interested...
Thanks for bumping this. Does anyone know if this voucher can be used with other vouchers, ie on the same new account? I have a promotional voucher with a hosing company I signed up to & wondered if I could use both?
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