Free £5 Habitat voucher - No minimum spend-£5

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Thanks for this cowboy

That £5 might just buy you a fork!

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That £5 might just buy you a fork!

Well, £5 or £0.. which one would you choose?


Great offer, nothing like something for free :-), sadly my local Habitat closed a little while ago though :-(.



That £5 might just buy you a fork!

Habitat sell items from a few pounds to hundreds (possibly thousands but at that point a fiver off is pretty much irrelevant, other than maybe paying for your parking). Print off the voucher & put it in your wallet or purse...if you're going to be near a store you may get something for nothing or a £10 item for £5, so whether it's a free gift or a large % discount (on a smallish purchase) it's all good!
Unfortunate that the spread of stores can only be considered nationwide if the nation is confined to the south east & west of England...a few fighting their way up through the midlands & north, 2 in Scotland & Northern Ireland apparently don't need or want any branches (but I'm sure they'd deliver for a VASTLY inflated P&P charge)!!!

Habitat homepage....

Read the wording of the voucher carefully - you have to buy something first and then they give you the £5 voucher at the time you're paying for it. You don't just walk in and hand the form over!


Thanks - I just bought some plastic chopstick thingies for £1 then used the voucher to get a few small bits and bobs. : )

does it work on small price items up to £5??

Means...do you get the item for free?


does it work on small price items up to £5??Means...do you get the item … does it work on small price items up to £5??Means...do you get the item for free?

Most 'gift cards' are just like gift tokens...you may not get change on anything under £5 (although most will keep the balance/change on the card for a future transaction) but there is no minimum value listed in the [SIZE="1"]small print[/SIZE] so yep, items under a fiver would be FREE.


Thanks for this mr cowboy
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