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Free Fiver for everyone.....

If you join the the big offers mailing list before the 30th of January 2010 we will issue you with a code which gives you a free £5.00 to spend on bigoffers.

The code will be issued on the 30th.


how much do you want to bet that a "revised" price list published beforehand.

heta and rep btw.

thanks for this heat added


Just a note to say be wary with these guys. I received my order yesterday after ordering on the 4th of this month, two weeks is quite a wait really especially when they state deliveries normally within 7 days, I gave them a little extra time though because of adverse weather conditions.

My order however had a large item missing, not an issue with courier because all 5 parcels they were carrying were delivered so obviously an issue with BigOffers. I have emailed and awaiting a response. They have answered my 3 previous queries within 12 hours, as yet still no reply from them about my missing item, and I know I'm not the first.

There is some bargains though like in-line skates, lexmark printers etc for £2 so probably worth the risk, just thought it was worth a mention that they aren't that quick or accurate however customer services are quite good!

I got my order the next day so a big thumbs up from me.

Heat added!

can you buy anything straight away with the free £5?

That would be cool.

There will probably be terms attached to the free fiver.

Isn't delivery £4.99 anyway?


I got my order the next day so a big thumbs up from me.

Show off lol!

nice one

Minimum order £10 it tells you when you go to pay and £4.99 postage which it'll tell you after you've put in all your details.

So in other words it's free postage with the voucher and if you want to trust a site that doesn't mention the minimum order value or the postage anywhere else then go ahead.
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