Free £5 voucher @

Free £5 voucher @


Nice one, just sent off for mine

[COLOR=magenta]Woooooo![/COLOR] :-D [COLOR=magenta]thanks edi.[/COLOR] :thumbsup:

nice one Edi, more insect ridden confectionary on the way.

Cool, are there any restrictions, minimum spend etc?

I've had this before and bought some chocolate covered ants with mine...

Thanks!I got a usb lava lamp with the voucher

Thanks edi.

Any way to avoid paying shipping ?

Original Poster

Not, I'm afraid...

A recommendation if you want to spend minimal amount but still get a bargain for something you will definitely use (or need in the future) is to buy batteries.
Any size for £2.50. So for example 4 AA batteries (Fujitsu brand - gets good reviews) are £2.50 per set with standard delivery of £3.95 minus £5 voucher comes to £1.45!

Yet another £5 Firebox voucher...! I always just consider these a £1.05 discount on any item. ;-)

[SIZE=2]Thanks edi [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Good tip Cyanide69 ;-) You can never have enough batteries![/SIZE]

Firebox in association with inbox digital offer a free £5 voucher:…x_1

Thanks Poppy10 Noticed that from the game in the Miscellaneous forum, then forgot to post it as I was distracted :roll:

If it's not in the voucher section, perhaps you would like to post it?


It's such a shame that Firebox's P&P is £4. Im gonna get those USBCell batteries which are £12.95. They are the same price on the manufacturers website, which happens to include free postage and packaging.

Still, i suppose i am saving £1 with the Firebox voucher.

* can do it so i'm sure Firebox could do too :P


If it's not in the voucher section, perhaps you would like to post it?

Done :thumbsup:

There are also £5 firebox vouchers from Nildram, First Great Western and our very own HUKD in the vouchers section. Unfortunately they can't be combined.

Thanks for pointing that out I even forgot about the HotUKDeals very own one :roll:

thank you very much

You can get unlimited vouchers by creating multiple email accounts and requesting the voucher again - handy as the expiration date is way off!

It also appears there is a £5 voucher in every order dispatched from cdwow, just incase anyone needs anymore!
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