Free 5GBP for existing Jackpotjoy customers

Free 5GBP for existing Jackpotjoy customers



left heat worked for me thank you
worked for me too! Thanks x
Worked for me too, thanks op good stuff, dunno why people are voting it cold mind.....Prob because it aint a £2.99 dvd thats 1p cheaper than the next place

Hot from me anyway
worked for me too. thanks!
thanks very much says i got £5! how long does it take to go onto account? xx
im still waiting 72 hours later?!
Hi - I posted original post !!!!!

I didn't receive my 5GBP within 7 working day, so I called help: 0800-458-0770, told them that I didn't receive the voucher, had registered it, but received no credit - the help assistant then told me that she would register this to my account within 10mins..........which she did !!!!!

So if this hasn't registered against your account yet, just give then a call-making out that you received voucher code.......... WCP-2734158-5 in a letter through the post.

Like I've ALWAYS said - it might not work, as it might me for my account only.........but you can only try and hope !!!!! haha......try the code, and if itdoesn'y worl, try giving them a ring !!!!!
i joined through quidco, put a tenner on and spend a tenner get £25 through quidco - didnt get it yet so queried:)
great free 5
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