Free £7 voucher for both you and a friend at Pixmania-£7

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I'm thinking of buying something and could do with the voucher :-)

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Ah thanks emma, I was just wondering why the original link wasn't working!

a7awo, pm sent

I found out just the other day that pixmania is part of the dixons group.

nice find btw.

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Sent macfan, thanks

Thanks for the find ndurve

I'm also thinking of ordering something and would be grateful for someone to recommend me:

rufusa at rocketmail.com

Many thanks - Rufus.

Looks like the Voucher is for £7 off a spend of £70, so 10% Disc. not quite so good deal.

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Vouchers sent!

Thanks - voucher worked and my purchase has been made - you should be receiving yours soon too!

For ppl spending a bit less than £70, and on a camera, have a look at their cases - they start from just £1!

.....a shame postage is £6 tho for a small order!

just found something i wanna purchase on pixmania. anyone out there still able to recmmend me. could do with £7 off. thanks

Id appreciate it if someone could recommend me before I purchase. ([email protected])

Ty Ali

could do with a voucher, please pm, will appreciate it


Just about to order CREATIVE Creative Live! Cam Voice - Web camera
It's £45 but would like to add more items if I was lucky enough to receive a £7voucher.

It's difficult to work out who has and who hasn't already been 'recommended' so I am willing to recommend the next 5 who request same after this post has been published.

I believe I can recommend as many as I wish but trying to keep it controllable (is there such a word?).

thank you very handy

Are Pixmania relaible for large value items such as large LCD TVs ? I have read poor reprotsabout customer service etc. What is the general experience ?

I bought a good Epson Scanner from them about 30 months ago as they were the cheapest by a long way (some £50 or so). The only problem I had was with DHL who were the couriers. The item was flown from Paris to East Midlands airport very quickly but it spent the next 3 days being shuffled between East Midland and Bristol DHL depots as they couldn't quite work out that Exeter is the depot for delivery to me. What is it about businesses in this country and their lack of geography and own systems knowledge? I emailed Pixmania and suddenly the parcel found it's way to Exeter and then to me.

That's my only experience of them though. The scanner has worked perfectly throughout so never needed to call on their customer services apart from the delivery problem.

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Thanks Pugwash for offering to keep recommending. I've been inundated with recommend requests since i posted this hehe .. just haven't had the time to action them all. Its a bit annoying that Pixmania don't let u use more than one of these £7 vouchers per order, otherwise I'd recommend forever and ever

I'm only expecting one £7 voucher no matter how many recommends however, you could read this statement on their webpage as being £7 per recommend. Obviously this would only relate to the first order by a newcomer. Once he/she places their second order they are no longer a newcomer :-

The advantages of « signing-up » newcomers :
For each order placed on PIXmania by a « signed-up » newcomer, the original PIXmania customer is entitled to a £ 7 rebate on the next purchase.

I've just re-read your post and see that I got my wires a little crossed - what you are saying is that you can't add the vouchers up and use them all on one order.

Looks like I've frightened everyone away!!

Hi can somebody recommend me please i am going to buy 2 divx players it would be really appreciated my e-mail is [URL="[email protected]"][email protected][/URL]

Recommended - Pixmania email should reach you soon with the voucher.


Are Pixmania relaible for large value items such as large LCD TVs ? I … Are Pixmania relaible for large value items such as large LCD TVs ? I have read poor reprotsabout customer service etc. What is the general experience ?

I have only used Pixmania once myself and NEVER AGAIN!

I ordered a £200 digital camera for my Girlfriend at Xmas. The order never came within 2 weeks so i tried to call. Phoned customer services who said I have to email them and nothing can be done over the phone. after numerous emails, i finally recieved a partial refund, they decided to keep £50 for no reason. Tried emailing to get the last of my money but i've herad nothing 2 months on.

Turns out they are a french based company not british as the web address would lead you to believe (.co.uk).

I did a search on feedback and turns out i'm not the only one who has had trouble with them, admittadly hardly anyone posts when they're happy with service, but it's still quite shocking the amount I found.

But this is only my personal experience, hope it helps

Thanks Pugwash much appreciated rep added :thumbsup:

I am looking to buy some stuff from Pixmania, so if you still have a voucher can you email me at dadecroft at hotmail.com

Hi Crofter,

I've made the recommendation on the Pixmania website. You should receive your e-card, complete with £7 voucher, from them shortly.

For "kalpsjp",

Hi kalpsjp - you PM'd me 8 days ago asking for a recommendation but didn't give any email address nor is it included in your public profile. I PM'd back but received no reply. If you are reading this and still want a Pixmania recommendation please let me know your email address (required so that Pixmania can send you the e-card with voucher).

For info,

Code "digitalph0207" will get you £6 off any Pixmania order over £200. Not sure if it can be used with the £7 voucher or not but worth a try. Code valid until 15/04/07.

Thanks Pugwash, voucher received and used.

Edited.....Not needed now!

Hi people. Can someone recommend me please? rooban at hotmail.com



Hi, can someone recommend me. My email address is; … Hi, can someone recommend me. My email address is; [email protected] appreciatted.

Hi Martin,

Sorry missed your request as not been on this forum for a long time. Just tried signing you up but Pixmania said you are already existing customer. Sorry I didn't respond before but hope your got your voucher via someone else.


Hi people. Can someone recommend me please? rooban at hotmail.comThanks

Hi Rooban,

Similar story to Martin above although I see you only requested today. When I went to Pixmania to sign you up they said you are already an existing customer. £7 voucher only works for recommending new customers. I assume, therefore, that you got your voucher via someone else.

I'm going to buy from these anyone know if this is still a live offer ...please

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