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Is there any chance these are unique codes or something? As a few of them have been posted...

Welcome to the forums komikci!!!

The code changes every day - therefore this code will not work tomorrow

Not unique but changed on a daily basis

Oh ok thanks guys

yes the code changes every day...but its easy to "recalculate"...but more important....don't forget Quidco for loads of dosh back AND refer a friend for credit to your account....anyone need a friend....lol....

Do the bluetooth headsets come in the same delivery package as the phone or are they shipped a few days later?

I haven't received mine with my phone (used a code from CS on the 23rd). Gave CS a call to be told it arrives separately. Anyone able to confirm?

Came in the same packaging as my phone, also the same packaging as a second contract we got in my household. Possibility it might be sent later or 3 cust services may honour it if you nag them enough

here's the code I had today 20/09/07


valid until midnight

to get a new code daily just log on to their live chat and ask some spurious question about a talk plan and they'll give you a new code for the headset.

I'm considering an E65 on Talker20

get 500mins, 100txt, free headset, 512mb SD card and £55 cashback if you go through Quidco


I'm considering an E65 on Talker20get 500mins, 100txt, free headset, … I'm considering an E65 on Talker20get 500mins, 100txt, free headset, 512mb SD card and £55 cashback if you go through Quidco

Don't forget the £30 RAF, pm me if you don't know anyone on Three


Don't forget the £30 RAF

I had to stop and think about that for a second then realised it stood for...

Refer AFriend

Hope that helps anyone else that might be a bit miffed :thumbsup:

anyone know if this is still working guys??

Guys , this offer is still on and Three have given me todays code, so it gives you a free bluetooth headset for any pay monthly orders placed before midnight Saturday (today)

bt20100719 and the code is valid till midnight today

thanks... will use raf if i go for it...so many deals out there its a mind field. Put off by deal a little as I want one for under 20 pounds and package thats includes picture messages - dialaphone have a great deal...all deals even better with quidco :-D

strange just realised for some reason i have two user names? is that possible? should be monkeyrocket but the deal was posted under another name?

I'll take it this is for new customers only, not existing customers :-(


where's the personal detail page and how do i get there?

It's 3 so stone cold.
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