Free Cadbury Roses On a First Order at 24Studio.Co.UK

Get code & visit siteR2G


Where do you put in the promotional code on the website?

hi.there is no where to put the code,and its not long enough to enter as a item..so no point trying this one sorry:-(

On your order page at the top of the page there is a small box,you put in the 3 digit code there,they def have 1 as i have ordered online at Studio looads times.Quidco too available.

tried putting in the code in the box but would not accept it,so not sure how it works ,sorry

I think its expired becouse I recieved my order but no roses.

I remain amazed that this company is not banned from ever appearing on this website. Must be coming up to Xmas and the usual con appears once again.
[SIZE=2]]Here is last years farce.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Be warned. I have been stung by this bunch. In the words of Jim Royale, "Freebie my Ar*e".[/SIZE]

Voted cold for the reason above^

have ordered these now with number 110-195-22KH and put 017 in box on order form,it works as i ordered these today,its for first time orders only..good luck

I'd advise everyone to give it a miss from personal experience, I foolishly did this a couple of years back. I can't remember the exact details, but it went something like they sent a 227g box of Roses cos the tin was 'out of stock' then invoiced me £3.99 for the privilege of sending it. When I rang to complain/cancel/return my order I got nothing out of them until a month had gone by when I then received a £20odd late payment charge.
Bunch of cowboys, before you get stung, ask yourself if you really want the hassle for half a pound of chocs

Wouldnt touch this company ever again. so much trouble with them over a similar incident last year. Spent hours and hours speaking to customer services trying to get a refund. My advice would be to go elsewhere,

Avoid Studio at all costs!!

My wife placed an order and they sent 2 orders one to us and another to our next door neighbour, also in our name. Studio then charged us for both orders and expected us to pay to send the duplicate one back. They pestered us for payment despite us having retuned the goods and even charged us for a late payment despite it being their error!

It took many letters and phone calls to sort it out and get shot of them.

Yeah i got stung by these jokers last year as well.....avoid, avoid, avoid.

The 'free chocs' actually ended up costing me more than if i had gone to the local shop and bought two tins.

Did i already say avoid?

Voted COLD....didn't get my Roses and when I phoned they said there was nothing they could do. I won't be shopping with them again. I've paid up and put the book in the recycling.

rip off merchants been doing this for years

If anyone wants to know any information about how this company works or anything please ask me i worked for them for about 4/5 years and was shocked by how they operate.

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