Free delivery at

Free delivery at



Other Free delivery Codes;

L5005 - exp 31 July 2006 Free delivery.

K6002 - exp 15 August 2006 Free delivery.

T6300 - exp 31 October 2006 Free delivery.

K6102 - exp 17 November 2006 Free delivery.

L6006 - exp 18 November 2006 Free delivery.

K6008 - exp 22 December 2006 Free delivery.

L6001 - exp 7 January 2007 Free delivery.

T0000 - exp 31 January 2007 Free delivery.

L7001 - exp 2 March 2007 Free delivery.
Wow ...

Thanks Cat and yas :thumbsup:
where do the codes get entered? I've gone right through to the confirm order pages during a recent online shop with the wife and there is no gap to put the code in, can anyone enlighten me?
Couldn't find it when I made an order yesterday either.

My guess is that you have to have opened a Next account with them as opposed to just paying with debit/credit card like I did.
cant get any of the codes to work ...still £3.95 at check-out

using an account...
Mind you that was on the sale part....]http//ww…ale
heres another, on all orders received before 21st Dec 06 ......F8084 :santa:

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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