Thanks edi, hopefully it can be used on the next sale items.
Ditto! - what is with this 10 character limit grrr
Thanks bazr & gary

When Argos can give away Free catalogues why not Next ?
Thanks just got an item of baby clothes in the sale for £2! and free postage BARGAIN!
Why oh why is

"I would like to open a NEXT Directory Flexible Account and request a copy of the new Autumn Winter Next Directory.
I understand there will be a £3.75 charge which I will be invoiced later." mandatory!!??

Whats a flexible account anyway? If i buy stuff from now or in future, I want it to come out of debit card account. Not my Next Fleixible account. Is it easy to say No to all that stuff??
When I get to the checkout, I can't see a place to use this code. How have you managed to enter it? :-(
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