Free delivery at The Book People

Free delivery at The Book People



Thanks for the code guppymh
Thank you, this one worked!:)
I used the code and it told me it was accepted but then seemed to ignore it.
My confirmation looked like this:

Sub-total: £4.99
Delivery: 0.00
Order total: £6.74

Any ideas? Thanks.
Try phoning them. I got the code from their latest catelogue that was sent last week. You could always say that a friend gave you their catelogue to look at.....
thank u
Didn't work for me
can you only use it once?
Worked for me! Thanks very much :thumbsup:
Thank you HOT from me.
Common problem with the Book People code, says the code has been applied, shows postage 0.00 but still adds it on to the total. Try removing all books to your bookshelf and then putting them back. This usually works for me.
Seems to have stopped working now. It says it'd applied but delivery is still £3.50
Nevermind, the older code is still working.
worked fine for me, cheers!!
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