Free delivery at The Book People

Free delivery at The Book People



Brilliant thank you. I was just looking to make an order this morning and wondering if I could make it over £25 to get free postage and now I don't have to. I've just placed my order and the code works great thank you
Your welcome loveabargain, glad you managed to use it succesfully! :-D I hate paying for postage too ..
i always want to order books from here but never see enough to make it worth while, now i dont have to worry!!

Am voting HOT!!!8)
Very useful code. It's just a pity they still charge an extra surcharge to N.Ireland, but every little helps.
That's great, my mom only asked me to order her some books last night - will save her a few pounds. Thanks!
Excellent deal and they've got some books on book end and clearance, my poor credit card
You're welcome chris, Georgyboy, Monty and Neho

they've got some books on book end and clearance

They do have some nice dealson offer .. especially in the clearance section! Like this
][COLOR=blue]Kids 10 Book pack for just £7![/COLOR]
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