Free delivery for Online Debenhams order for SALE

Get code & visit siteHA1


This code has aldready been posted and it doesn't work with some codes including the 20% one

Works fine with 20% code

not for everyone if you read posts

Just used the above code with the 20% off code and it worked a treat. Thanks op x

Yes, but I bet you get a 'cancellation of your order' e.mail pretty sharpish...


Works fine with 20% code

what's the 20% code?.

Had a dress for xmas which was faulty and the store didnt have my size to exchange - this just saved me paying extra for delivery on top!!
Excellent!! Thanks!!!

Pity i didnt see the 20% discount before i ordered.... Next time!! :thumbsup:

I cant find the 20% off code...anyone know what it is?

There was a 20% code (PHLP) which expired on 30th Dec. You could try one of these 10% - DGDP or PGDP. Might work!!

Just used the two codes and it took 10% off and free delivery thanks:)
Used them like this

Brilliant, both codes just worked for me too! Thanks, hot!


Yes, but I bet you get a 'cancellation of your order' e.mail pretty … Yes, but I bet you get a 'cancellation of your order' e.mail pretty sharpish...

Yes you were right about this! Now trying the same order without the discounts...

No, that order was cancelled as well. So maybe it's just that they don't update their stock levels on their website...

Hope those that have used the codes actually receive the goods. Both times I have used discount codes the orders have been cancelled. Debenhams are pathetic communicators, it takes ages to be informed that they are not going to supply at the discount price.They have no order tracking system.Also if after cancellation you order without discount codes the order will be supplied. If out of stock the order will not be accepted upon the original attempt.To summarise,if the discounted order is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation. When it is cancelled you will receive a cancellation email, but no reason for cancellation is given.




4% Quidco also

(Plus use a cashback CC to get further reduction :))

Great stuff, thanks, voted hot :thumbsup:

thanks, getting worried now used the 20% code and this, just hope it doesnt get cancelled

Just used it and got a bargain bra for under £7 delivered!
I didn't bother with any other discount code, it didn't seem worth it for such a small amount.

worked fine today with the spring sale stuff


Just a word of warning on this free delivery code...I used it for 4 Debs orders now....never had any problems with 3 of them all came through great.

I checked my bank account this morning for the one I placed recently and I have had delivery charged onto it when it has been processed. I called them up to query this and they said the SHA1 code is exclusively for gold card members and it should never have been put through.

Today I received another order that I also used the SHA1 code on - this time I have not been charged delivery...so I called them back again....their customer service was absolutely appauling....they told me off like a naughty school girl for using a code off a friend and then told me to stop calling about it and demanded the system was wrong and they were going to get all codes changed. The girls I spoke to were so damn rude to me on the phone.....outrageous...all I wanted to know was why I was charged for one and not the others...I don't mind paying the 3 quid but I just thought it was an error on that 1 order!!!!

Beware...just cos it goes through on the confirmation screen and details it on your email....they might still charge you for delivery when they process it and not tell you!!!!

Code works so need to be made unexpired maybe ?
Will keep check I only get charged for my £4.20 item and not delivery on top otherwise I wouldn't bothered for just 1 item.

Just used this in the sale.:thumbsup:

can someone un expire
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