Free delivery @ Next.co.uk !

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Thanks for this code Millarcat.

Right now i would be happy if next would find and deliver my missing items and come and collect the things i dont want. Has anyone else had major problems returning items? I have booked 4 slots now and they have failed to turn up for any of them even after promising me time and time again that this time they would make sure. I cant take them back to the shop now without hassle as the items are over the 10 day period, not through my fault mind
and i can imagen the fun getting stores and online involved in that.

Thanks for the handy code Cat

thanx, just used it on some shorts for my lo, were out of stk yesterday - back in now!

You can always return the items to the post office.

Thank you, my order coming Monday.:-D

Thanks Millarcat - Have tried previous codes but haven't worked - Magic!!!



Thanks Millarcat - Have tried previous codes but haven't worked - … Thanks Millarcat - Have tried previous codes but haven't worked - Magic!!!:thumbsup:

Welcome to HUKD pinky72

everytime I go via quidco I don't get the box for putting the code in??

cleared my cookies ect. and can get the code via next.co.uk, but not going via quidco?

is there any next delivery codes that work when paying by credit/debit card ???

can seem to get this to work !!! anyone help ???

You have to have an account first

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Congrats on the 200 posts jakenjo ! :thumbsup: 8-)
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