Free Delivery on ASDA.com grocery shop over £50

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works for me

Fab find Thanks Mrs Tel Worked for me

thanks mrs tel,banked it

Another week for Asda then?! :-D


Another week for Asda then?! :-D

That makes two of us...TESCO are sooo old news now!!!:-D

Thanks for that one, works a treat! That's Asda price!

Smashing. Ta.

Nice 1


thanks :-D

I had a bit of a glitch with my Asda order today and I was staggered to find myself speaking to a call centre in South Africa in order to sort it out.

I may be the only one who was unaware but it does go a long way towards explaining the low prices. In the present economic climate I feel it is socially irresponsible of Asda to 'outsource' jobs in this way.

The irony is that I cannot afford to shop anyware else although I now wish to.

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