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8% Quidco also available

I used to work there a few years back when i was a student. You could eat as much you liked, while working

still get nightmares of this hairy guy stucking his arms into the chocolate to fix something. URGH never ate the stuff after seeing that.

£30 of chocolate is just too much to pig out on in front of the telly.

In any case Thornton's chocolate is too sweet! If you want to spend £30 on good chocolate check out Kennedys Chocolate website - not cheap but knocks Thornton's into a cocked hat.

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-9.6??? Feedback for the cold rating please guys??

Fair enough - Thorton's might not be who you prefer to shop with but that's no reason to vote cold, loads of people love them!

And if this is voted as cold then why haven't all the previous Thornton's vouchers exactly the same as this one been voted cold???

:sigh: sometimes I wonder why I even bother!!!!
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