Free delivery using discount code at Everything5pounds

Free delivery using discount code at Everything5pounds



I've had Stanley Kane men's shirts (some still on their website), ASOS items, Boohoo, George At Asda (girls' clothes), a top which is apparently Laura Ashley (according to the reviews, my label was cut out), a few Eucalyptus dresses, Friday On My Mind dresses/skirts/tops.

It can be hit and miss as there's lots of tat on there, but if you're choosy you can find some great bargains.
good site,use regularly,cheaper than primark.
Is there a free return
I think you have to pay for returns, but seeing as each item is only £5, you can't really complain. As I mentioned in my post, I re-sold shoes that were too high, and the postage on them within France was 7.10 - about £5.

expired, sadly.
I use it regularly, and I agree with the other post, it can be a bit hit or miss, but I can honestly say that I've had far more hits than misses.
Just bought 4 evening dresses for £20, the quality and fit was spot on, if I went to the high street I couldn't even get one dress for that price.
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