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I'm afraid Goggles4U used to be really good, cheap and good quality, however, I recently ordered some varifocals through them, the condition of the glasses was totally awful, A lense was chipped, the frame was bent (you could actually see daylight between the top of the lense and the frame.

The pair I ordered were semi rimless, the little plastic cord was stained with what appeared to the the reactive coating they put on.

The prescription was so far out it made me feel sick, they were sent back and a new pair ordered.

the second pair are better quality bu the prescription still isnt right.

I'm afraid with my experience I wont be buying from them again, I will be going to my local opticians who give me a trial period with varifocals, there are too many factors involved in setting them up to suit you, I cannot read a book with these I have to peer over the top and trying to view a computer screen espcially for detailed works such as cad or DTP is out of the question. I have learnt my lesson and wasted £70, never again


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That doesn't sound good at all! I will post the outcome of my order, when i receive it.


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