Free Graze Box with promo code SMITHFREE @ Graze-£3.49

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Went to WH SMITH today and was given a card saying Free Graze Box. If you go to the deal page and enter code SMITHFREE you will have a free Graze box, including either free nibblebox or nutritiousbox. You will need to provide your credit or debit card but the first box is free including the delivery but any consecutive boxes will be charged. You can cancel anytime as soon as you order your first box if you don't want a subscription.

T&C from the voucher I was given is below:
This offer is for new graze customers only. Valid credit or debit card required but your first box is free & you can stop deliveries at any time. Ts & Cs at graze.com/whs…ith


DISGUSTED that WH Smith should be associated with a scam like this shame on them

To all who thought that they would get a free box there is nothing free always a catch

Its NOT totally free its a SUBSCRIPTION like to a magazine for example first issue FREE next issue HALF PRICE then you will be CHARGED FULL PRICE unless you CANCEL!. Its a RECURRING card payment.

Jeez some of you lot are bloody stupid. ALL free trials are like this - Lovefilm, Netflix, even credit check companies do this as an incentive for people who like the service to actually pay for it on a long-term basis.
There are no catches. It's free as long as you're not dumb enough to forget cancellation - believe it or not, if you get charged it's your fault. Sign up, get your freebie and then cancel immediately so you don't get charged a penny. It's really not difficult!

I'm returning my voucher with a note to WHSmith Head Office, they need to improve their business and their marketing. If they don't know what people think how can they improve or change.

what an utter RIP OFF.Leave details when there is frauduelence about.WHAT A SCAM.W H SMITH YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

Too scary to give bank details for a free offer.Had similar experience in the past and every month the money was deducted even though I never ever utilised their services or got anything back and my credit card company could not stop it either. In the end I had to cancel my credit card and get a totally new account.

I picked up my free graze card in the hospital after buying a couple of Alpen bars.........what a disgrace it seems a very dodgy offer..I have just checked the details and do not like the idea of sending my bank details ..just like that. the hospital of all places! I am totally disgusted.....

what a bloody joke and a huge disappointment

I will wait and see if it works O/K before making a decision

I took advantage of this offer a few years ago. It is NOT a scam! The idea is to get us all to snack more healthily. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, if you don't like, then delete your card details, if you like, you have the option to select your snacks and have them delivered when you want.
The food is of high quality, its tasty and nutricious.
I occasionally order from Graze, I would love to have a regular order of a few a week, but can't afford to at the moment, having said this, I probably waste around the same amount on chocolate!

It is not a freebie it you have to put your credit card details in. What a scam!!!!

If you look at the bottom of the Voucher in small print it does say that your credit or debt card details are required so why are you complaining when its states it and they have covered there backs.


It is not a freebie it you have to put your credit card details in. What … It is not a freebie it you have to put your credit card details in. What a scam!!!!

It's not a scam.

agree with all the other comments, a right con, will not be ordering.

This was advertised as free... The first box is, but then you have to remember to cancel otherwise you will get a regular delivery and get charged for it.... I JUST HATE THIS TYPE OF ADVERTISING>>>>ITS A RIP OFF......
Free should be Free


i would like to recieve several graze boxes because i have 4 children who would love to try them . . . thankyou

Don't be fooled by the WH Smith promo. You get a free box of Graze goodies but you can't have it without giving personal bank details ie credit/debit card which can be cancelled at any time. I've heard that before and what a nightmare that will be. The product is overpackaged and dare say will gobble up many miles in delivery Why not pop to your local supermarket or shop and buy graze type food whilst your doing you r weekly shop anyway. Brilliantly marketed though.

Why do I have to enter my bank details to claim a free graze box which I suppose was earned because I spent money in WHSmith? Is this another way of making money? I thought WHSmith was above this kind of extortion.

I really wanted to give 'Graze' a go. Totally disappointed.
Free & Card details = Con

nom nom nom just ordered mine, loads of my friends have over the past few years (they recommend the flapjacks). IT IS NOT A SCAM the company have been around for years. People clearly arent reading the facts ie google it to double check its not a scam.

Hi guys, Clare from graze.com here again.

Just to reiterate we do mention on the WHSmith voucher that you'll need to enter payment details, we ask this to verify who you are. We use your card details as a unique identifier to check that you haven't used any other promotional codes with us, as this is the only thing that cannot be made up.

If you have any questions please do email me directly on [email protected]graze.com and I'll be happy to help you however I can

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Just put in my code and now it's asking for my bank details!!!!!!!!!!!!!.free means free not ure bank details.you can have my details if and wen I'm interested in another box.no one is going to take a chance if people on here think its a con.or a scam.i think u have to rethink about giving free boxes away.maybe in our town Plymouth.a trailer,give u our vouchers and then if we want to pay for another one then we will.people must be mad to give bank details.i did before and got conned out of a lot of money.

No Graze Box arrived today.
Cancel all future payments.

i lokk forward to my free grazing box.as stated

This is absolutely ridiculous, 'Free Graze Box' seriously how damn misleading can you get, nothing can ever be FREE can it! scammm

this is to the last comment, you need to put FREEWHS for the special code. your welcome:)

Very disappointed that W.H.Smith should involve themselves in this type of "dodgy" promotion.Free offer should be FREE with no conditions.I would be happy to give this product a try but but not interested in this type of promo..

I agree with all of the comments. Why do we need to enter bank details if all we want is a free graze box? Something is not right, it sounds like a con to me. My friend gets them because she got a free graze box ticket and then ended up getting one every week. She then gave me a free graze box card they gave her and I try to use it and i have to put my bank details in.

I thought it was too good to be true and reading others comments it is. I did not take up the offer and would not consider buying anything from this organisation.

I've never heard so much pish spouted in one thread! Maybe a mod can clean it up. Voucher still works anyway, just ordered my free box! Might even buy the next one too as it's half price.

Agree with everyone - the card says ' specialoffer for whsmith customers 'FREE Graze Box We recokon there's a lot more to snacking than crisps and biscuits, so we'd love you to try one of our graze boxes for FREE. Choose from 100 nutritious snacks including our delivious honeycomb flapjack and our super healthy omega seed mix.
Getting hold of yoru FREE box is easy, just go to graze.com/whs…ith and use the code WHSBOX - no mention of having to buy and having to leave bank details for regular debits from the account - like all the wise people before me I have come out of the site without going further than the first page

Dont like this at all!!!!
Give out bank details???Are you having a laugh???
Completely unacceptable. Wake up Whsmith....this is one big turn off!

This is a rip off shame of you whsmith as in Rip of britain
I for one will not be shopping with you again

why do they need my bank details ?? for free graze box.
sorry not doing that

Thanks for all the negative comments posted - it has totally put me off. Why would I want to give out my details just for a cheap box of nibbles? Both WHS & Graze are obviously on the make with these devious tactics - otherwise they could just give the free gift direct to customers in the shop. I hope it backfires on them both!

Wow! You've got to laugh at all the non-avatar posts in this thread!
The early ones were clearly the same guy re-registering,almost all posts within the same hour/day.All the rest all have just one post to their name,just registering to moan about this deal but in turn revealing how stupid they are for not understanding the deal in the first place lol

what a con should of known you never get anything for nothing eh .shame on you

I am stunned that a company such as W. H. Smith would allow itself to become involved with a scheme such as this - any 'offer' which involves the divulgnce of credit card details for an open-ended arrangement is to be avoided! It is far from clear from the voucher that further boxes would be sent and charged for! Very unprofessional. It seems to be impossible to buy anything at WHS these days without being showered with vouchers and offers - very annoying and sympotamic of a desperate business.

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