Free Infrared standby saver units @ British Gas (qualifying criteria apply)

Free Infrared standby saver units @ British Gas (qualifying criteria apply)

Found 29th Nov 2009
Save on electricity with these energy saving devices, you need to be over 70 or claiming one of the benefits listed to be eligible. Good luck

Enter offer code EF7 in caps lock
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Hot from me, eligible.
The code was in the press also advertised on a well know website for saving money
Thanks voted hot, i'm eligible!!
Thanks! - Any idea how long these products take to arrive? Still waiting on a previous one.
Questions say "would you like a free...standby saver" and "...real time electricity monitor" - appears you can answer "yes" to both - does this mean you get both, do you think?
cheers, heat added
Not sure if this is the same offer (except different code):…uct

anyway I know I and lots of other people got theirs, brilliant freebie, got energy saving monitor and standby saver unit must be worth alot
thank you, hope it arrives.
had mien a while back ordered and got both hope this helps post asking if you got both
I am a British Gas customer and I got mine just by ringing British Gas and asking for them. I don't receive any benefits so its worth a shot - I received a standby saver and and electricity monitor and then got sent a 2nd one after pushing my luck and asking for another - it seems as if they're keen to give them away.
Qualified to thought i would try my luck as a n power customer and still qualified as a receive wftc ! x
ps. voted hot x
hot but i'm not eligible for it
I said Yes to both... I selected working tax credits as I get these. For benefits number I wrote that I didn't know it offhand (which I dont - no idea where any paperwork from them are to get the number). It STILL came up confirming I was eligable and my products were on their way
I applied got accepted. [Might have told a little white lie, that someone over 70 lives with me ]
They did this offer sometime back. I ordered both and got both. It does work aswell, watching the monitor makes you aware of just what you are using.
Ordered, heat and rep added as my bills at the moment are huge!
I hope I get them, and hope they take less tahn the 28 days stated! would be good to monitor xmas! Also does anyone have any info and pics on both these items?
thanks in advance
Yes - this is the same as the previous offer. Entering any code of any length seems to work (I did 8 digits last time) and it took around a month to arrive.
I can't apply but passed to parents who can so thank you.
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