Free next day delivery and free sample using offer code @ Mac Cosmetics

Free next day delivery and free sample using offer code @ Mac Cosmetics

Found 24th Jan 2015
Using the promo code MACTREAT at checkout you will receive free next day delivery and free sample
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Didn't work for me
It says that next day delivery is currently unavailable :(. Still get a free sample though.
the delivery is not working did anyone else get it to work? would really like something but not paying 2.95 postage for eyeshadow :-(
Great thanks, Works now.(26/01/15) think it didn't work yesterday as it was a Sunday and code is for next day delivery!
I tried it in the evening it didn't work.. U have to order it before mac closing timing
I tried Mactreat code in the afternoon and it worked! thanks
It gave me a free sample Of a false lash brush but the cupon says it shoud give £6.50 off????

That's disappointing
I applied the code and got a free sample but was charged £2.95 delivery. I messaged them and they refunded me the delivery charges.
Worked for me, free next day delivery and mascara sample!
You have to do the order before 3pm on a working day for it to give you the free next day delivery x
I tried this several times yesterday and wouldn't work but must have been sorted as today worked fine
I got free deliver (not next day) and free sample mascara. YAY!
Worked for me today:)
Has everyone received it next day? I am having right issues with mine, haven't received the item and ordered twice but I don't know whether I am just being impatient!

Just used this and worked fine. Managed to get my free next day delivery too.. perfect :-)
Used 'Mactreat' code. Informed me that next day delivery not available, however it automatically applied free P&P and free sample to my order anyway. I call that a result!
Tried a few times to apply the code, I LIKE THEIR MAC NW22 foundation but a bit pricey, this would have helped a lot but does not work! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tried a few times to apply the code, I LIKE THEIR MAC NW22 foundation but … Tried a few times to apply the code, I LIKE THEIR MAC NW22 foundation but a bit pricey, this would have helped a lot but does not work! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hi, use the code in capitals, u go through a few pages where it shows delivery being charged forl, but when u get to the page where u pay, the postage cost has been taken off.
Used this today, when I tried last night it offered free standard delivery I guess as it was after the 3pm next day cut off so waited until this morning and free next day was offered.
Amazing voucher!!!!!
Free delivery and free mascara sample. Amazing, thanks!
Free delivery and free mascara sample - no next day available but still happy! Ordered at midday
Free delivery worked with this code, but out of stock of sample and no offer of alternative even via live chat. If sample is unavailable you get the following 'error' pop up somewhere on the screen - offer_error.unavailable.out_of_stock.benefit_sku.60677.mactreat
I used this code and got free next day delivery(ordered on friday so it will come on Monday) and i got a free studio fix flundation sample - but i dont know what shade it is!! Perfect code! Thanks a lot A++ for you!!
Amazing thank you, Used 21.03.15
Got Free Delivery: Standard (2-5 Working Days) and Free Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Sample.
It works at the right end when you add paying method and delivery address. You don't get Next day delivery however, still FREE delivery saving you £2.95 and you get a free sample which is fantastic.
Used this code on 27/3/15 , got the free next day delivery ( arrived on a Saturday) and a mini foundation sample
it worked for me. however was free standard delivery rather than next day, not that I mind - and the sample was fluid foundation, although I doubt they will correctly guess my shade. great find though.
Still works, next day delivery + free sample of studio fix foundation (not sure what shade I will get though!)
Free next day delivery and samples - Absolutely rubbish - not only did I get charged for postage, when I complained I was advised that the voucher did not register on my purchase (despite the website saying otherwise) but the the products WOULD not be delivered next day AND I could not have any samples!!!!!! Currently awaiting a manager to call me back following a complaint- totally unimpressed with MAC. I was advised I could use the voucher on my next purchase !!!! DONT THINK SO !!!
Worked here I had to keep inputting the code though, throughout the checkout process, just to make sure it went through. Free next day and a sample of fix fluid foundation.
Worked for me today... free p&p and sample of foundation! brilliant thank you. btw you have to go through checkout and then it should take it off, dont pay by paypal either!

Worked for me - free next day delivery and foundation sample
The voucher works but only if you pay by card which is a bit of a pain considering I'd just payed with paypal, now reordered on my card and rang up to cancel the paypal one
I ordered too late for free next day delivery but it gave me free standard delivery anyway. Got a foundation sample as well.
I just used this and received free delivery and a foundation sample, I also used PayPal and it worked fine.
Worked for me
Worked for me today.
tried this and got free next day delivery as well as a free foundation and mascara sample
It works! You just have to apply the code on a working day. I just did on a Monday so I got free next day delivery. Yay!!! :-)
MACTREAT code not working, it's a Wednesday at 9.18pm but it's saying Invalid...:-(
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