Free next day delivery (with code) over bank holiday weekend at CCLOnline.com-£5.95

Get code & visit siteFX7


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*Next day delivery is next working day. This offer is subject to stock, clearance of payment and demand.
Other offers in ]E-Shot limited to one per customer.

Thanks for the post czantra! That's a handy code



Thanks for the code. Just ordered myself a new case (no power supply) for £16.16 delivered.

Further detail on Asus' website if anyone is interested:



cheers for this.. used this company last year when I ordered my laptop. Tops on customer services. Bit dull in Brighton today czantra!

Thanks - never used this company before - just ordered DVD drive

they're excellent...CS is very efficient...exchanged a hard drive with no probs and promptly repaid the return postage.

Maybe i'm being a complete numpty, but i'm not getting a discount apart from the free shipping, but that option was available before i entered the code.


It says anticipated delivery date '8th May'.

How is this going to be possible, seeing that it's Bank Holiday tomorrow and they can't dispatch it until the 8th?

(ahem) probably an automactic response

used them before, many years ago when they were starting up - and i can highly recommend them. they have the latest products and are decently priced, ive just bought an optical mouse for £2.77 delivered! (not even play.com can match that!)

ccl online, scancom, play.com and ebuyer are probably the best companies iv dealt with when purchasing computer bits and peices.

i know play offer free delivery, but if the rest did as standard id end up spending lots!

CCL are reliable. Never had any problems using them

thanks for posting this deal

I just bought some keyboards i was needing

I live just down the road from CCL so it's nothing for me... But otherwise nice find!


I live just down the road from CCL so it's nothing for me... But … I live just down the road from CCL so it's nothing for me... But otherwise nice find!

I too live very near there but they tend to charge slightly more for retail counter transactions

thanks very much, just ordered loads of stuff, saves me going to collect it from them like i usually do. rated very hot!

I can't place an order, I get an error after submitting my details (infact, maybe I did place the order...who knows now!) how annoying.

Error Type:Orders.ShippingType-ShippingTypeForBasket - … Error Type:Orders.ShippingType->ShippingTypeForBasket -> Baskets.Basket:Products Property Get -> Products.CustomerProductCollection->Populate -> Core.DBHelper->ReturnSingleField -> Core.DBHelper->CreateFastRecordSet -> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E37)[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]GetCustomerProducts(0) SQL: GetCustomerProducts 0/order/summary.asp, line 275

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