FREE Now TV 30 day Movie pass

FREE Now TV 30 day Movie pass

Found 14th Feb 2016
Either sign up for a FREE trial or for existing customers use the voucher code.

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AANOWBXN44RN doesn't work for me!!??
Nor for me...
Codes are account specific not general! I got codes on two different email accounts with the promo offer of another trial and each code is different so this is unlikely to work for anyone else but you! Best check your email if interested in offer and see if you have one or not as it'll be certain customers that are targeted like the ones who have been inactive for several months.
P.S. voted hot by mistake lol
Thanks NickyOhMG
Thank you NickyOhMG I had the email
Hello people I've not long had my now TV box (movies) the card u scratch to reveal your code. I've tried it and it's saying don't recognise code??? Can the administration of this please give me a call on 07450352843 please asap to sort this. Or if any body has a movies code spare would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lee Matheson.
Doesn't work for me either! xoxo
I've not tried this, I usually buy my NOW TV passes on a popular auction site. All the codes I have used begin NOWXXXXXXXX so the AA at the beginning looks wrong for a start. Argos currently have NOW TV Boxes half price with, so the one with 4 month movie passes is £19.99. They're reduced on Amazon too, so may be worth a squint. Don't know if this helps anyone . . .
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