Free off delivery at asda-£5

Get code & visit site 47


Already posted, but appreciate the reminder for those that missed the original:thumbsup:


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Sorry couldn't see it anywhere


Sorry couldn't see it anywhere

No worries, I have trouble with searching sometimes too, but on this occasion, I'd already saved the link for my own use, so it was easy for me to check if your post was different. But like I said, it's still OK to duplicate (yours still got a lot of heat) because other folk didn't see the other post. I for one appreciate the heads up on top tips. So thanks pinklaces34

not sure how the search works on this anymore, i didnt see the first post of this & i check every day but did see this one,
so how come they seem to dissappear if they are still in date? can one of the mods answer please??
voted hot hot hot from me, thanks.


Thanks for remind :thumbsup:

Thanks Love the Asda codes

Hi thanks for asda codes.ive been using asda but the last few weks had problems with stuff not being delivered with shopping.but put on list.any body else had same problem?

My last on line shop with Asda was around a month ago, I had 4 items short so I phoned them and they said they would refund me. Well on checking my bank statements they havn't even taken the £146.98. It looks like that they deleted the whole order as it's not even showing on my last orders in my asda account!

thanks xxx

Whether you get your order prob depends on your local branch management/staff- ours are quite reliable so far - it would be good not to get billed though :-)

All worked well - £5.50 delivery for free.

Just used this code and it took £4.50 off an order over £50

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