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Maternity thongs? :P


Maternity thongs? :P

I was thinking the same thing! :giggle:


I was thinking the same thing! :giggle:

I'm sooooo glad it's NOT just me:-D

Me too - I nearly choked on my tea!

Sod it, voted HOT just for the total wrongness factor:pirate:

Well I suppose its free regardless, I doubt it has to be for pregnant women!!

I did lol though, Can't Imagine it would be comfortable if your pregnant!, lol!

Voted hot (for the "wrongness factor!" and a free bump :giggle:

Superb!!! I wish they did the thong thing when my missus was expecting. Loved the bump... but the Bridget Jones 'safety' pants were not nice!! Hot - just cos it should be!

Definately hot! I am 'with child' and you wouldnt catch me wearing 'big pants' pregnant or not. Thongs are very comfy and my Hubby wouldnt have it any other way!

As Quagmire from Family Guy once said.... "EEEEUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!"

sounds kl

pregnant women r beautiful (latin teacher looking full of life!!!)- wouldnt want big pants spoiling it!!!! (not a ref to her LOL)

o and congrats 2 aimee1985 -hope it goes well

delivery charge of £3.95 still payable..


delivery charge of £3.95 still payable..

10% off through quidco


Code doesn't seem to be working - is there a minimum spend??

SORRY!!! Just tried again & it worked!
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