Free Parking voucher, Saturday 28th Feb 2009

Free Parking voucher, Saturday 28th Feb 2009



Is this a joke? There is nothing for free - the clue is in the "support trade" bit. Friends, wise up now, these people want you to spend say £5 petrol etc. to get into their area to spend more money - free parking??? Please guys, this is not real.
Hmmm, you don't really seem to have much of a grasp of this do you?

There is something for free - the parking :whistling: No-one is forced to go, or spend money but if want to want to go shopping or meet friends for lunch in Guildford at the weekend, which I am sure thousands of people do every single weekend, then this is useful.
:whistling: "Our parking promotion aims to encourage people to visit Guildford during these difficult times and give a much needed boost to our stores, cafes and restaurants."
This so-called promotion is for 3 hours only - now you tell me, would that be enough to from the time you get in to the car park, go "shopping", have some "lunch", return to car park, and to the point you submit the voucher - 3 hours.
I would suggest that that is good enough to for a quick look around Primark, off to spud-u-like, eat on the way back, and at all times walking at nearly running pace!! :whistling:
I do know how these things work.
Lol - 'these thing work' just like all the other stores that have special offers or bogof deals - to get you in there spending!

Doesn't mean that it''s not a good deal though! :thumbsup:
:-D lol, you are right, I am only playing 'devil's advocate', which you can buy at Tesco direct with free delivery and £5 off £200 spend! Sorry, my mind is way behind by typing fingers.:?
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