Free personalised Fathers' Day Card Just pay for the postage - 50p @ Bonus Print ! (50p postage)

Get code & visit siteAY9


thank you

did not work for me! :-(

Just tried - didn't work for me either

Code doesnt work

[CENTER][SIZE="7"]the code is SMFDAY9 :-D[/SIZE][/CENTER]

Works fine ... now.
However, postage on the A5 card appeared as £1.20.

Yeah, showing £1.20 for me too.

Ah, think I just worked out why. You need to go throught the link [url]www.mirror.co.uk/bonusprint[/url] to get the 50p postage.

Brilliant - thanks!

I think i'll start posting everything from the MSE email without acknowledging them too:roll:

just done this, thank you so much lucerysmum

thanks worked for me i did the same for my mum on mother's day and she was really pleased!

fab ordered one cheers


[CENTER][SIZE="7"]the code is SMFDAY9 :-D[/SIZE][/CENTER]

thanks for posting the correct code! :-D

Great, Thank you

Do you know if you can order more than one with the same postal address?

Want to order one for my dad and father in law.

you get them posted to teh actual persons address......so dad and father in law shouldnt be the same

Worked for me! Thanks!

Thanx Just Worked For Me Too
Although Postage 1.20
Worth It Though

For those of you finding postage is coming through as £1.20 try what I suggested in post #9.

charged me 60p as postage, though a great bargain. Thanks for the find

Not working for me, saying invalid code?

As far as I'm aware I did the standard A5 sized card and went through the link, price was showing as £2 inc delivery before code entered.

thanks just done mine

part of email as followered

Transaction for the value of: GBP 0.50
Description: Digital Photo Gift
From: Bonusprint Ltd

if people r having problems check out links below please read and click on link below

IMPORTANT: You must add the FREE promotional item to your order in the usual way,
entering the promotion code in the specified field within the checkout section. No charge
is made for the FREE promotional item, however it must be included in your order. (It will
not automatically be added.)


I tried again my order was still on the system the only thing I did differently this time was type the promo code in, rather than copy and paste it in - worked!

Thank You. Followed link in earlier post and designed and ordered within 5 minutes. Code worked fine. Heat + Rep left.

Thanks!! :thumbsup:

great just ordered mine - working fine

Thanks for the tip, worked for me, but had to go through the mirror link.:thumbsup:

top banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had the 50p's taken out of my bank account, but no confirmation from the company, or anything about when they are going to dispatch them. Anyone had any confirmation?

Ordered my card last week for 50p, arrived today, very well done

thanks make a change from the same old crap


Great thanks, no need to go to the shops, more personal and cheaper to,he will love it, cheers


Ordered my card last week for 50p, arrived today, very well done

After I'd asked, the one card turned up!! I was really pleased with the quality, will be ordering another one soon for my grandad :thumbsup:

Hot hot hot - nice one. Thanks so much

Im the same never had any confirmation and thats been 6 days since order!

Not sure if this has been mentioned but you can use the code for any card, not just a fathers day card!

I have just made my own personalized card and got £1.50 discount with just 50p to pay.

Worked fine for me - thanks. I ordered twice, one for Dad and one for Step-Dad, just started afresh from the link both times
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