free space hopper from babybel with purchase of babybell

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they have 15000 of these to give away,
you need to collect 4 codes from promotional from 6 packs or 2 codes from 12 packs and enter them on the website,
not bad if buy them
or if you just want a space hopper


If anyone has any of these codes they are not using please can u email them to me. My daughter has o do daily physio for her CF and so we are always after new & interesting ways to do her bouncing this would be great. Thanks very much.

this should have been posted in the freebies section


this should have been posted in the freebies section

Is a difficult one, I would probably say deals

Freebies = not a freebie because you have to buy multiple packs of babybel
voucher = not a voucher you can print off or a code
deals = not totally a deal, but best fit in my opinion

Hey all, babybel have been 2 for £2 (on the 6 packs) in Tesco recently, so I stocked up and have 4 tags with the codes (didn't realise the cheddar ones weren't valid, was aiming to get 2 space hoppers, oh well!) however I'm having real trouble redeeming them and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issues?

I entered the 4 codes online and it said 'Wrong codes' but I can't find any error with the codes, then I found that when I changed a 'q' to a 'g' (just in case! lol) that it told me some of my codes had already been registered, which gives me the impression I now can't use them It doesn't tell me which ones are 'wrong' either.

I just really wanted to surprise my little sister with a space hopper as she's wanted one for ages. I sent an email to babybel with the codes included so hopefully they can enlighten me, but has anyone else experienced this problem? I triple checked my codes and they're exactly what I entered.

If anyone does get a space hopper, let me know! x
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