Free Speedy Boarding Plus!  on EasyJet (also discounts some flights)

Free Speedy Boarding Plus! on EasyJet (also discounts some flights)



Thanks for the code Mark_D

Apparently, this code also gives discount on selected flights..
My pleasure. Good to know!
Excellent, excellent. Spent quite a while looking for working codes. Then thought well at least i should get speedy boarding for free (although in my opinion this is a complete waste of money as those who book speedy boarding actually get on the very SAME bus as the other passengers!) and was pleasently surprised to seee it took off £ 10.- per flight. So quickly removed speedy boarding again and saved 20 quid!
Many thanks for the code Mark_d
No problem Schaf... glad you found it useful!
Hi Just Used Your Code Many Thanks Got Two Tickets To London In May For 52.00 Saving Of 40.00 Thanks.
Thank you - just got extra £10 off per person each way!
Nice code!
i got an extra 7.5 pounds
If they give speedy boarding to everyone then surely there will be no such thing and they will need to introduce super speedy boarding. Whatever next, allocated seat numbers!! At least that way they could load the plane from the back forwards as opposed to the speedy boarders taking all the seats at the front (in order to be speedy exiters) and clogging up the entire process.
Why on earth do people want to be first on the plane? First off I can understand but not first on. I like to be the last one on.
Promotional discountDiscount code: NEWGB - £45.00
(per booking
im so grateful thank you xx
thanks for the code.
there are 7 of us going to majorca in july & we got £7.50 off per flight.
Total saving of £105 - happy days :-)
Just saved £30 (4 x £7.50) on my flights... Many thanks
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