Free Standard delivery @ CDiscount

Free Standard delivery @ CDiscount

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cheers andy
DO NOT Buy any TV from Cdiscount. They oversell, make you wait and you end up with no TV.

Absolute time-wasters.
I agree the cusomter service with these guys is terrible. Caveat emptor.

Do not buy anything from CDiscount

They oversold on 2 items for me and I waited 9 days, then I thought I better email them and see what was going on. Then they took a day to get back to me and it was - oh sorry we are out of stock. Then it takes 5 days to get your refund! I agree total time wasters.
[SIZE="5"]I am waiting for my tv from last 21 days.
And every monday i ring them to chase my order and get the very same answer
"It will b back in stock by end of this week".
Don't know whether i'll end up with one or not.

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