Free Stylish Chocolate Corduroy Jacket with any full price item ordered

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Yea, i got the letter for this this morning, women only... I wish La Redoute they wouldnt flood me with mail every other day

Any idea what's the lowest price item I can buy? I don't like this company but if I can get the jacket for a less than £5 spend I may do it.

"Stylish chocolate corduroy jacket"

Has to be a good case for oxymoron of the day? :giggle:

Forget my ealier post, just shown the jacket to mrs bellboys and she's not, err, exactly impressed, lol.

Pls mark La Redoute in the title, to warn off those of us who do not shop with them due to previous bad experiences. Thanks.

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I've said it before and i'll say it again " if you don't use this company then why comment, I've been a customer with La Redoute for over 12 months and never had any hassle, Everyone has a bad experience with some company from time to time, but not everyone has - Therfore if you haven't used this post and haven't received this gift then please don't comment. I've only posted 3 times and everyone has a bad word to say. GIVE ME A BREAK

Has anyone got a picture of this coat? if so plz post it :thumbsup:



Has anyone got a picture of this coat? if so plz post it :thumbsup:

Here's the £30 cord jacket page laredoute.co.uk/Pro…658

No image though....:roll: I could do with one of them with "teachers" arm patches :-D
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