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extra £10 top up & FREE £5 top up as well for registering your o2 pay as you go sim and topup £10
Pop your sim in your phone and top up. Then simply text FREE10 to 21500 and we’ll give you £10 extra credit. Also, first via the above link register your pay as you go sim and ge… Read more

very funny!


Still working for me! Topped up £10 and texted FREE to 21500 yesterday, received £10 credit within an hour.


Received this one too and after a week or so got an email.


Don't think so


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Earn £10 cashback through via Quidco for ordering a free o2 sim
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Posted 18th Mar 2018Posted 18th Mar 2018
Earn £10 cashback through via Quidco for ordering a free o2 sim
Just browsing quidco and seen this offer, seems like a good deal for just ordering a sim! A little further down the page also shows £10 offer for activating a sim also... Shop at… Read more

Mine tracked in about 10 minutes, but I doubt they'll pay up... still worth a punt!


Of all cashback sites I like Checkoutsmart the best. Albeit only food offers.


Appreciate what you are saying but why ‘punish’ OP who is posting with all the good intention. Surely deserves the heat for the effort.


Quidco didn't track for me, but Quidco were happy to raise a claim. Had to send copy of top up voucher and O2 email. No cashback as yet though.


Thats possibly because they have done similar Quidcon offers and recieved zero dimes back. Are you voting on the thought of getting paid or actually getting paid.. big difference.. Like buying a lottery ticket.. you have a chance to win..

Quidco offering £5 for ordering a free O2 sim.
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Posted 10th Oct 2016Posted 10th Oct 2016
Quidco offering £5 for ordering a free O2 sim.
Not sure if this is a freebie or a deal? Either way it seems a bit of a no brainer, a free fiver just for ordering a free sim card!

1 arm 1 leg 1 first born.




Even after top up my Quidco never paid those £5


you have to top up to activate


Ta must tell MSK was complaining about the lack of points X)

Free O2 PAYG SIM deal
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
Free O2 PAYG SIM deal
Free SIM posted to you, so you don't have to go to a shop and pay for it
Get deal*Get deal*

Much better deal Use quidco and get £20 or £30 free credit https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/possible-free-30-o2-pay-go-sim-10-top-up-required-2181487


A bit like posting 'Free search engine called Google' or 'Free unlimited air for anyone to use'.


Hot from me. I bet not everybody knows


Everyone knows about this already though, and all the networks do it.


Shouldn't get so cold as these sims are about £1 from high street shops.

Possible Free £30 on O2 Pay & Go SIM (£10 Top-up Required)
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Posted 6th Apr 2015Posted 6th Apr 2015
Possible Free £30 on O2 Pay & Go SIM (£10 Top-up Required)
Just order an O2 Pay & Go sim through tcb/quidco to get £10 cash back on O2 free sim. After receiving the sim keep it for 2 weeks. O2 will then email you to activate the sim to… Read more

It was always going to be dodgy, I don't know why anyone thought it wouldnt be.



Quite a few people seem to want it to end by the amount of unnecessary posts, arguing, cryptic comments/replies, and questions about how it could be used in other ways. And to save someone making an unnecessary post to point out this is an unnecessary post, yes, this is an unnecessary post.


100% my thoughts too


Milkshake you seem to want this offer to end just so you can say “I told you so”. Every time I see a post from you I know it’s going to be eye rolling time.

£30 O2 credit for £4.75
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Posted 20th Feb 2015Posted 20th Feb 2015
£30 O2 credit for £4.75£10
This is a nice way to get a good amount of credit for PSN or just alot of Calls/Texts/Data for a little outlay. Order a free O2 Sim via TopCashBack giving £5.25 cashback for an ac… Read more



I chose the £15 bundle sim personally, then topped up just £10 and my credit wasnt converted to any bundle, it was a credit of £10. Maybe thats a good way to go about it actually. When your sim arrives, dont top it up yet, wait for the email two weeks after it arrives that tell you to top up and get £20 free. You will have a balance of £30. You can pay £25 into your PSN account, and have about £4.80 left over after the cost of the confirmation text.


Confuse here, hope someone can help. Which sim card did I choose? All I see is bundle sim and its says "Top up and we'll instantly exchange your credit for a set allowance of minutes, texts and data that's valid for 1 month." So does that mean when I recieved the email for extra £20 credit with £10 top up I end up with £20 for PSN since £10 went to the bundle? And do I need to activate sim when sim arrives or sametime £20 email sent?


I can confirm it works just fine. I topped up my PSN account with £25. Obviously the text cost means you cant do the full £30.


They emailed me

Free O2 Sim Cards - Could just use for 02 Priority Moments!
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Posted 19th Jan 2014Posted 19th Jan 2014
Free O2 Sim Cards - Could just use for 02 Priority Moments!
You can order free o2 sim cards, they are for pay as you go or contract, but you could just use it for o2 Priority Moments. A good find, I have the Priority Moment app on my iPod … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I also did this this morning with a brand new PAYG sim (not topped up) in my old O2 iphone, and it worked. but next time i opened the app on my new EE iphone it asked for verification code again :(


thank you . followed instructions no credit on new O2 sim, did it all over WiFi. o2 downloaded on each phone put in number of O2 sim where promtec, recievec a code by text copied code put in other phone on ee when prompted works a treat.


I don't get it, what did he say wrong, anyone. Thanks




Absolutely! It happens a lot though unfortunately!

Free O2 PAYG Nano sim -iphone5 compatible
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Posted 6th Oct 2012Posted 6th Oct 2012
Free O2 PAYG Nano sim -iphone5 compatible
Free pay monthly or PAYG nano sim card, compatible with new iphone 5

hav 02 sim for apple iphone 5 does not fit wht am I doing wrong?


Quidco are offering £5 cashback as well


alternative for Giffgaff customers and mobile networks that wont change the sim card free of charge like t-mobile/orange/EE http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/mobile-phones/how-to-trim-your-sim-to-iphone-5-nano-sim-size-50009289/



o2 pay as you go blackberry sim (free bbm service if top up £15)
Posted 15th Feb 2012Posted 15th Feb 2012
o2 pay as you go blackberry sim (free bbm service if top up £15)
If you go via quidco might be able to also claim £5. BlackBerry Text & Web With BlackBerry Text & Web you can use BlackBerry Messenger, Mail, get 500 free texts, and mobi… Read more

02 never pay out on quidco


Fair enough, but if you can't or want to get a contract then I think this deal is fairly good. £15 equal to 60 minutes of calls, I know not much but if you don't want the contract (for example for your kids) then this could useful.


sorry but I voted cold as I was just looking for deals on blackberry and decided to go with the tesco pay monthly capped deal. £12.50 per month for 500mins 5000 texts 1gb of data as well as your bbm stuff on a 12 month sim only deal. Think it was £15.00 pm for a shorter deal.

International Calls to mobile/landlines starting 1p from O2
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Posted 7th Feb 2012Posted 7th Feb 2012
International Calls to mobile/landlines starting 1p from O2£0.01
This deal is for people who make international calls a lot..........others can ignore You can convert your existing O2 PayG sim to international SIM and enjoy cheap international … Read more

Pakistan is now 7 p :)


I recently saw a ad somewhere which said .5p to India, and few other countries... 5 pounds - 1000 international minutes on O2. Any comments on that ?


terms and conditions, http://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/tariffsandboltons bit confusing as they indicate min 10 topup to continue getting free o2 calls and text but nothing about stopping international tariff


Needs expired as confirmed with O2 a £10 top-up needed to switch even though i have £22 credit on my phone.


Can you point me in the direction of this 0.5p for the US please. I regularly ring from a mobile to the US and 2p is a penny cheaper than I currently use. I would love to use the company that you use if it's 0.5p Cheers :D

O2 free PAYG SIM and microSIM adapter delivered @ O2
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Posted 19th Nov 2011Posted 19th Nov 2011
O2 free PAYG SIM and microSIM adapter delivered @ O2
Great for changing phones or utilising iPhone SIM offers in other mobiles. Maybe possible Quidco TCB? You'll need a micro sim if you're getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Use t… Read more



Thanks and good post




thanks took ordered tuesday received today :)


It was ridiculous how fast I received mine. Ordered on Monday received it on Tuesday was kinda scared getting my post as I wasn't expecting anything for quite some time, wasn't looking forward to more bills either...

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