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40% off Multi-Buy Bundles at Freshmist - prices from £10.79 + £2.50 (Free Del over 330)
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Posted 1st Apr 2018Posted 1st Apr 2018
40% off Multi-Buy Bundles at Freshmist - prices from £10.79 + £2.50 (Free Del over 330)£10.79
Freshmist have got 40% off multi buy bundles
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If you cant be bothered to read about what your preaching then what exactly do you want. Just to spoil it for people who have found it help full or just something to shake you'r fist at. Maybe you could find an actual problem that's afecting the world research it and then try and fix it without the miss informed condescension.


Not going to waste my time reading anything about the deadly waste of life that is smoking, cigarettes or vaping. Sorry. I agree with the quit smoking part at the end though...


Well if you read the whole article it back tracks at the end showing they just wanted a click bait title. “What this research doesn’t do is compare the impact of electronic cigarette vapour with that of tobacco smoke, which we know is far more toxic to cells than vapour." she said. "Electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative source of nicotine for smokers than cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean they are risk free and we would discourage anyone who’s not a smoker from using them.” Public Health England said it would be studying the new research. Prof Kevin Fenton, National Director Health & Wellbeing at PHE said: “Public Health England has always been clear that e-cigarettes are not 100 per cent safe and we will carefully consider this new study and continue to be vigilant. But our major world leading review, published recently, found that e-cigarettes carry a fraction of the risk of smoking. "This is because the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke, including carcinogens, are either absent in e-cigarette vapour or, if present, are mostly at levels 100th to 1000th found in tobacco smoke. “The best thing a smoker can do is quit completely now and forever. The best way to succeed is to get help from your local stop smoking service. Smokers who have struggled to quit in the past could try vaping, and vapers should stop smoking. Last year, two out of three smokers who combined e-cigarettes with expert support from a local service quit successfully."



Well thanks for demonising a healthy alternative to smoking based on your "feelings" as aposed to facts. Of course when I want to convince people of my unfounded opinions I would mak up stories about children using vaperosers despite them being more carefully controlled and much harder to use than cigarettes.

6 lots of 30ml eliquid £25 @ Freshmist
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Posted 9th Feb 2018Posted 9th Feb 2018
6 lots of 30ml eliquid £25 @ Freshmist£25
Found this great little offer on where its only £25 for 6 x 30ml of eliquid!
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I know, what a complete plank. Juice is ok though :)



Been using union vape for about 2 years. Pretty good stuff


Choo Choo , steam train coming through ! Can’t be good for you that gear .


bluestar - just posted the deal but the mods deleted it (probably cos they don't have an affiliate scheme) as theres plenty of good feedback for them if they looked Just google bluestar liquids and go for the shop/30ml box sets

15 bottles of  30ml Eliquid for just £20.@ Freshmist
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Posted 26th May 2017Posted 26th May 2017
15 bottles of 30ml Eliquid for just £20.@ Freshmist£20
As we know 30ml bottles of eliquid are about to be extinct so its time to stock up now especially when companies are clearing the last they have so time to grab a bargain. Over the… Read more

Offers still on, got the 15 x 30ml luck dip, All decent flavours, fruity, sweet etc. Bargain for the price


Just bought 4 x100ml bottles for £20. If it's even half good this is a bargain! Thanks op.


Yeah I cleared that up earlier. I did not go for the lucky dip.


​no you choose your nicotine strength and pg vg ratio so you wont get any 0 nicotine. you should have a look on the site to see what they are offering before posting.


This skull bottles look good what are they.

Fresh mist e-liquid mega deals, save 62%/£34, great quality juices, many flavours, 10 x 30ml juices for £20 delivered, etc
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Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
Fresh mist e-liquid mega deals, save 62%/£34, great quality juices, many flavours, 10 x 30ml juices for £20 delivered, etc£20
Hey gang, last week i posted with the previous sale on of 6 x 30ml bottles for £20 delivered, well now they've put an offer on (to get rid of old non TPD compliant stock i presume)… Read more

Just ordered it. Great deal, that is very cheap and will last for at least 4 months! We don't get to chose the flavours but for the price I won't complain.


Sent another email today will wait & see if I get a reply tomorrow don't want to go down the PayPal route really. But will call if no reply. Cheers


Just give them a call mate


I've been waiting 5 weeks & don't get a reply from them grrrrr


3 mg is now out of stock, my order came on time and as described, very happy for the price, i got a confirmation email too

sale back on/ still on! eliquid vaping juices 6x30ml bottles for £20 with free delivery. high quality juices at Freshmist
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Posted 13th May 2017Posted 13th May 2017
sale back on/ still on! eliquid vaping juices 6x30ml bottles for £20 with free delivery. high quality juices at Freshmist£20
get those last few bottles in before the new legislation hits on 20th may ;-) i expect this will go cold just because how some of the community vote on vaping deals, but please re… Read more

honestly, dont let the heat/ cold put you off... i think it was only voted cold from the vape haters... give it a go, to be fair at this price you've not got anything to lose anyway as you said.. it cant be worse than the 10ml stuffs in the poundshops or £1 liquid shop. :-)


let's give them a go - can't be worse than most of the 16mg stuff in the pound from me...


I use them all the time. good stuff and fast delivery


I use these guys all the time, fast standard delivery and good juices..


not sure why this is cold at all, heat added

6 x 30ml Bottles of Premium Eliquid ( various flavours ) £20 delivered @ Fresh Mist
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Posted 15th Mar 2017Posted 15th Mar 2017
6 x 30ml Bottles of Premium Eliquid ( various flavours ) £20 delivered @ Fresh Mist£20
This deal will probably get pulled and also get cold votes from the vaping hating mob but eh if this helps just one then my job here is done :D I tried these guys the last time t… Read more

Hi guys a company I buy off has some very good offers on. Innokin Isub tank for only £3.50 with free delivery Red and Clear left - stock is limited so get buying guys Also Mr Vapour eliquids £1.20 each REMEMBER GUYS - FREE DELIVERY ON EVERYTHING AND NO MINIMUM SPEND NEEDED..


All the good stuff went months ago, I ordered a few to try and not impressed


Can't understand some of the negative comments on here except to say when I first tried these I was 50/50 on the flavour' but by the same token I was also using liquids by ' vampire vape ' so expected a difference - as my VV liquids dried up I carried on with these and can confirm for me at least these are imo decent liquids - and trust me I've tried them all spending a small fortune in between!! Just goes to show the variation with people's vaping habits.


Heated. Appreciate the post :)


i bought some last time aswell, terrible juice. binned the lot of em. tasted horrible.

30ml E-Juice Clearance 6 for £20 Free Delivery @ Freshmist
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Posted 30th Jan 2017Posted 30th Jan 2017
30ml E-Juice Clearance 6 for £20 Free Delivery @ Freshmist£20
Includes ejuice by Deadly Sins, Tornado Juice, Simply Vapour and Devils Juice. Not many flavours but decent ones. Only 0mg, 3mg, 6mg & 11mg. Also available at £4.50 per bottle… Read more

I have ordered quite a few times from these. Mainly the deals for £20 from the multi buy section. Quality is spot on and the service and delivery is great. Tornado juice and simply vapour ones were really nice.


Heat added and bought 6. I ran out of my DIY stuff and have been making a fresh batch since christmas I keep telling myself this weekend I will knock up 200ml but never get round to it.


Anyone else have any thoughts on these liquids?


They only had devil juice branded ones for brought 6 bottles. They taste so bad I thought the are out of date. Just horrible to smoke and the after taste is even worse. Don't waste your money


keep a look out for eliquids!!! They will only get cheaper up until the law kicks in, which restricts bottle size, mg and etc.