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Intel I9 9900K 240gb SSD 16gb 3200Mhz Star Gaming PC £848 @ Freshtechsolutions
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Intel I9 9900K 240gb SSD 16gb 3200Mhz Star Gaming PC £848 @ Freshtechsolutions£848
Product Description The Starlight ATX Mid-Tower gaming case, with a full tempered glass left side panel. One Single-Ring Halo Rainbow RGB fan is included at the back and with room … Read more

This is a reasonable price for the component list, is say 800 for the parts and 48 for someone to put them in the chassis. You could save cash and order it all separately, a lot of people upgrade a part of three at a time. The processor is more than half the price of this PC, it's a good foundation, save for put a slightly better psu in there.


I agree, I like looking at builds which can get a job done. But in this build I would claw back on the processor - no need to pay the extra for the i9 as it requires way more cooling than the 9700k. The case on initial glance is too small to provide that cooling even with the budget cooler. Obviously there is no gpu - but why put a i9 in the case and no gpu?! makes no sense. To make it right they should stick an i7 9700k in and a mid range gpu then produce a thermals video would work out a similar price... also no os - not a massive thing, but for someone who wants it working out the box, add another £85 for win 10. All in to make it a workable system - kinda I get it to £914.75 and thats with a 570 AMD - there were cheaper cards available but you want it to have some chance of playing a modern game.




I dunno, this looks kinda good for people not wanting to build a system but plug whatever GPU in they fancy (let's be honest, it is the only real bottle neck for gaming these days with the rest of hardware being half-decent). It's basically a whole system for near cost, that's not too shabby. That being said, agree PSU is a big yikes and yup why not stick a half-decent 500GB m.2 on there for £20-£30 more


I've price everything up on pcpartpicker.... its a good attempt.... but lacking in so many departments... Yes you get the headline i9.... but yes the case is gonna run hotter than hell..... yes you need a dedicated gpu maybe a 1660 or something I dunno, but this is a very budget build. The Mobo is good, i guess this is added to justify the cpu, ram is ok - but the case? the psu? the storage? I did find if you search independantly f pcpartpicker you can get some parts chepaer like the cooler at £17

Intel I9 9900K 240gb SSD 8gb 3200Mhz RTX 2080 Ti 11gb Eclipse Gaming PC £1,987 at Freshtechsolutions
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Posted 13th Aug 2019Posted 13th Aug 2019
Intel I9 9900K 240gb SSD 8gb 3200Mhz RTX 2080 Ti 11gb Eclipse Gaming PC £1,987 at Freshtechsolutions£1,987
I’m looking for a new PC, tempted by this, any thoughts? Seems a good deal for the parts, more memory would be nice. No idea what the company is like to buy from though Eclipse RG… Read more

If you're going to be gaming on local lan networks than yes it's worth it, otherwise... a £10k gaming pc won't make up for skill :p


Haha. OK! (lol)


That refresh rate for wifi gaming or home gaming is overkill.


Might look like a good deal but I went to the address shown last week to discuss and there not there and don’t answer the phone either


You know what. It might only have 8GB RAM and 240GB SSD. But this is a incredible price. Considering the GPU costs about £1k. The CPU costs about £500 and a £150 motherboard and a £80 case. For a pre built this is a very good price. Personally though I would rather go for a Ryzen 3900x system.

AMD Ryzen 2600 240gb SSD 8gb DDR4 RTX 2070 8gb Graphite Windows 10 PC - £968 @ Freshtechsolutions
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Posted 17th Jan 2019Posted 17th Jan 2019
AMD Ryzen 2600 240gb SSD 8gb DDR4 RTX 2070 8gb Graphite Windows 10 PC - £968 @ Freshtechsolutions£968
AMD Ryzen 2600 240gb SSD 8gb DDR4 RTX 2070 8gb Graphite Windows 10 PC Product Specifcation CASE BUILT INGraphite RGB Gaming Case With Side Window and 2x RGB Fans MOTHERBOARD… Read more

Ha... Built a few am4 pcs and the only thing I've paired with a320 board is the A8 and A10 apus, the ryzens need better


RTX is the attention grabbing thing here. As for the rest, PC builders need a wake up call. Stop using (poo) motherboard chipsets. A320 boards should only be in low spec or office machines. Saving £10-15 cost over a B or X chipset is inexcusable.


That unfortunate RTX 2070 is gonna be triple bottlenecked!


Agree and I didn’t see it listed if it’s 2x4gb or 1x8gb. Thinking the worst it’s only going to be single channel.


No, the OP simply knows very little about high powered PCs for VR use and is learning a lot rhough the comments here!

AMD Ryzen 2200G 240gb SSD 8gb DDR4 GTX 1070TI 8gb Graphite Windows 10 PC - £816 @ Freshtec Solutions
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Posted 12th Jan 2019Posted 12th Jan 2019
AMD Ryzen 2200G 240gb SSD 8gb DDR4 GTX 1070TI 8gb Graphite Windows 10 PC - £816 @ Freshtec Solutions£816
Product Description The Game Max Graphite is made with a very simple but effective design and with the added grey colour gives the Graphite a unique look. There is a… Read more

That cpu is made for low end pc. It is an APU, it means it can be a CPU and GPU at the same time but loosing performance on the CPU part. Motherboard is low end, Ramºs only 2400 Mhz and you can go on and on.


The sell the same model with a AMD Ryzen 5 Six Core 2600 3.40GHz for £50 more, but is the rest of the spec still not good enough??


The AMD Ryzen 2200G has PCI Express Version PCIe 3.0 x8. As the built in GFX takes away the extra PCI lanes.


No AMD shortage. It’s a decent processor in its own right. Out it’s depth here though. As I say, expensive GPU cheap choice on the rest to extract (poo)


They ran out of decent processors (embarrassed)

AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 240gb SSD, 8gb DDR4, GTX 1060 6gb, Dragon Gaming PC - £673 @ Freshtecsolutions
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Posted 9th Oct 2018Posted 9th Oct 2018
AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 240gb SSD, 8gb DDR4, GTX 1060 6gb, Dragon Gaming PC - £673 @ Freshtecsolutions£673
Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte A320M-S2H motherboard 240GB SSD 8GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6GB I opted for this case over the others as it's one of the cheapest (£7 more than the very cheapest),… Read more

Thanks my dude! :)


There is a few place I tend to use, but if you just want to do a quick build and price compare you can use PC Part Picker, that will allow you to specify a system and also help you ensure you get compatible parts for the most part.


Awesome find! Where'd you find the parts for the price?


This isn’t the best fresh tech offer. I had my computer from them, but from their ebay page when quidco did 10% off ebay. Ryzen 7 2700x processor, 1050 2gb graphics, X470 motherboard, 8gb 3000 ram, 120gb SSD, original price was 750 so paid 675 when taking into account cashback. Great service, arrived quickly, great bit of kit as long as you don’t mind doing a few little upgrades. I’ve added a 2TB hard drive in mine, will add another 8GB ram and upgrade the graphics card.


I ordered from these guys about 5 years ago, they sold me an i5 3570k but installed a non k version. They ignored all my emails and calls and weren't interested at all after they received the money.

Intel Core I7 8700 2tb 16gb 3000Mhz GTX 1080TI 11gb Onyx RGB Computer Gaming PC - £1500 @ Freshtechsolutions
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Posted 5th Apr 2018Posted 5th Apr 2018
Intel Core I7 8700 2tb 16gb 3000Mhz GTX 1080TI 11gb Onyx RGB Computer Gaming PC - £1500 @ Freshtechsolutions£1,500
Just seen this. Great price for a i7 8700 with a GTX 1080ti.

Thanks, ended up doing it myself, wasn't bad at all with a couple of YouTube vids. Hadn't built one in 15+ years, but not a lot had changed thankfully.


I used Mesh Computers for mine just before Christmas and they did a great job. Well built, talked to a rep who was able to adjust everything to my liking and when I booted up I saw they threw in a free upgrade to Windows Pro. After sales was very good, too. Here's a look at what I got.


A friend of mine couldn't say enough good things about CyberPower. He had to get something in his PC checked and they were great for support, so he says.


I've seen it much cheaper if you watch the prices This PC would be £1000 in a another (better) universe where there is no crypto miners, Ram prices are normal, SSD prices are normal If they dont start going back to normal soon, PC gaming will die, the manufacturers don't care since they are making a lot of money When they are making cards now I don't think they have gamers in mind, they are thinking "we've gotta make this card cheap but the best for mining, we need plenty of stock"


i've been looking at custom built gaming pcs and this doesn't seem bad at all. aside from the psu (and maybe ssd to boot), is it really that bad performance wise:/ EVGA gold 650w should suffice? Which are better psu subs?

gaming PC from freshtechsolutions £599.00
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
gaming PC from freshtechsolutions £599.00£599
I'm new to all this but looks like good spec for the money. AMD 7650K 3.8Ghz 1tb 8gb 1600Mhz AMD RX 480 8gb In 503 Computer Windows 10

​ok. i wasn't aware of that but i went on youtube and said gtx 750ti gta v vs ps4 and you got a lot of comparison vids side by side. anyhow. good enough for me! i am still playing old games from humble bundle maxed out!


​PS4 only records in 720 from memory, so doesn't show true quality in YouTube. Some bargain pcs there, however.


Kudos to those who have a PC for £300. Word to the wise do not scrimp on the psu.


To be fair, the graphics card RX 480 is BETTER than gtx 750ti see but you're paying 2x as much as the PC I recommended?????? I'm on HUKD and pay £300 for my pcs :)


the benchmark on the processor in this model is 4975 nb this is the PROCESSOR benchmark I don't know much about graphics benchmarks. All I know is my graphics card GTX 750ti is awesome - it is a low powered graphics card that beats PS4.

RX 480 Gaming PC £489 freshtechsolutions
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Posted 1st Jul 2016Posted 1st Jul 2016
RX 480 Gaming PC £489 freshtechsolutions£489
AMD 6400K 4.1Ghz 120gb SSD 8gb 1600Mhz AMD RX 480 8gb Apache Gaming PC seems quite decent for a pre built with the new rx480 8gb.

This is a terribly designed pc, even the best available amd cpu's have bottleneck issues with a gpu of this calibre, let alone this 1.5 core pile of crap. they also require higher speed ram to work better and the stock cooler is the old one and will be loud and bad at cooling. The gpu will also be running hot, there's no mass storage so all you get is that 120gb ssd (not even a good one it's one of the cheapest and worst performing ssd's available) so this would be able to install like 5 indies or 2AAA games and finally no os. Pls no one buy this.


hate seeing these custom PCs they throw a great graphics card, decent ram and decent storage and then out in a horrific cpu with a limited motherboard so tobuograde you have to basically start again


most newer games use more than 1 core, gta v needs 4... this graphics card can easily max it out at 1080p, the cpu can't - its a crazy build​


most games still only use 1 core....


That must be the most unusual build ive ever seen... a dual core cpu with a high end graphics card, is this company insane oO

Gaming pc, i5-6600, gtx960,8gb ram,600w £514 @ FreshTech
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Posted 6th Jun 2016Posted 6th Jun 2016
Gaming pc, i5-6600, gtx960,8gb ram,600w £514 @ FreshTech£514
I think this is good value gaming pc No Operating system included in this. - dmcmsn

GTX 960 ? Gaming pc ? Joke.


link just goes to the site, where is the direct link for this offer please Cheers


by a lot unless you overclock like crazy. It does not mean that cannot be used of course, even if it was a 4 cores might still bottleneck the gpu in some games


So the CPU should slightly bottleneck the GPU but nothing much?


your A6-6400 is 40% less power than the Q9550

Intel Core I7 4790 HD Gaming PC 120gb SSD 8gb 1600Mhz Zalman T4 Computer £419 @ FreshTech
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Posted 24th May 2016Posted 24th May 2016
Intel Core I7 4790 HD Gaming PC 120gb SSD 8gb 1600Mhz Zalman T4 Computer £419 @ FreshTech£419
Product Description The Zalman T4 case has a black matte finish. The Zalman T4 has 2x fans (1x Blue, 1x black), there is room for an additional 2 x 120mm fans on the side. On top o… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

300 now


this auctin one ends in 2 hours go up to about £315 + 25 del


Both the links are the same...or they show the same computer it's well overpriced in my opinion. an older but capable i7... not a bad set up. Could do with being £50 cheaper check out this one small form factor, so you can only use a half height video card, you can buy a gtx 750ti for around £95 lower spec for £150 inc 90 day warantee, but still fairly fast low profile video card gtx 750 ti £92.73 or here this one aint too bad, contains everything, including opertaing system and video card yes it uses an amd, but it's more than sufficient for you're needs, but be warend there is no upgrade path for this system really, it's pritty much the fastest cpu this motherboard can take another AMD system wuith gtx 770, one of teh ebst AMD cpu's. Not sure if it includes an operating system, but you have to ask, but I think it does all in for £380 or make an offer. pick up only from DA14 pc includes monitor, doesn't need anything extra, older video card but still capable £359 ill have another look later. I suppose you're looking for everything included right? inc operating and video card Send me a private message for any more questions... so many options, the auctions tend to be cheaper then buyitnow options


Hi, I'm not having much luck. With the £430 pc the guy removed the graphics card and sold it separately and the cash convertors pc was taken off Ebay. I am now considering 2 others as I need one asap and I would value your opinion if you have time please... as I said i'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to pcs Here are the links and I went for these as they are not too far from me, offer a warranty, refurbish and build the pcs etc.


Very interesting. I am looking for a server with CPU grunt and memory. Don't need an OS or a monitor/graphics card. This "gaming rig" might be just th job. Thanks, heat.