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HOMCOM Workout Gym Bench - Black & Orange £75 @ fruugo
54° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
HOMCOM Workout Gym Bench - Black & Orange £75 @ fruugo£72 Free P&P Free
Looks like a good bit of kit for the home gym! Bring the gym to the comfort of your own home to work out at your own pace with no onlookers, thanks to this flat weight bench from H… Read more


Looking for an adjustable one - hope to find one soon

LetoKynes Seems to come in and out of stock.


Good for secondary, but also SO much sturdier and with a bit of imagination they have plenty of uses... Word of advice, avoid the generic adjustable benches floating around the £80 - £100 mark, they don't have enough strength to handle heavier weights... Speaking from experience.



Homcom 150kg capacity Squat Stands £81 at fruugo
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Homcom 150kg capacity Squat Stands £81 at fruugo£81 Free P&P Free
Ive ordered these stands as they are by far the cheapest and the 150kg capacity is fine until I get more and more plates. I found a YouTube video wherein they stood steady at 180kg… Read more

Good website? I'm tempted to get something like this in, barely any space at all so this might be a good option for me.


Nice one! Keep your form and remember to stick your ass out!! (y)


Mine arrived today and very happy with it! Can finally load up the weights for squatting jow


Yep, mine delivered today also, will put together tonight. Hopefully all is well.


Delivered today

HOMCOM Foldable 3-Bike Carrier Rack-Black/Red £34.80 with Free Delivery From Homcom Fruugo
228° Expired
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
HOMCOM Foldable 3-Bike Carrier Rack-Black/Red £34.80 with Free Delivery From Homcom Fruugo£34.80 Free P&P Free
HOMCOM Foldable 3-Bike Carrier Rack-Black/Red £34.80 with Free Delivery This bike rack from HOMCOM is made for all outdoor adventurers out there. Made from sturdy steel to hold… Read more

Ah yes HomCom are back, they were selling spin bikes last week. Looks ok but personally would spend a bit more for an established brand as not to sure what HomCom support is like in the UK, anyone? You pay your money you take the risk I guess, something like this that has an important job you might be better off with a UK brand with UK support, like Halfords. Good luck if you get 1 let us know how you get on.


Knotted Straps ! No thanks...prefer rubber fasteners !


i find bike racks always exaggerate, so a 3 bike carrier would really only carry 2 and a two bike carrier would only carry one. unless you pretty much put the bikes on top of each other!


The description says ideal for two adult bikes and one child’s bike. Looking at the picture I think for carry three bikes you would have to mess about with the handlebars by turning them through 90 degrees and possibly taking the pedals off. All possible if you know what you are doing but quite a faff. For the money I would suggest a better option would be look out for a Saris Bones cycle carrier. They come in 2 or 3 bike variants and I can highly recommend them. The Bones has six straps that really anchor it to the vehicle but be aware that your number plate and lights may be obscured.


If your lights are obscured you need a light board to.

HOMCOM 900W/1800W Freestanding Electric Fire Indoor Heater Stove £52.01 @ Fruugo
88° Expired
Posted 20th Oct 2020Posted 20th Oct 2020
HOMCOM 900W/1800W Freestanding Electric Fire Indoor Heater Stove £52.01 @ Fruugo£52.01 Free P&P Free
Cheap and nicer to look at than most electric heaters.

This is not necessarily true. There are many things to consider. If you have a modern central heating system and well insulated house, heating a single room with an electric heater may not be that good. You'll lose heat to other rooms, and whilst your central heating system is only around 85% efficient as opposed to practically 100% efficiency in most electric heating, electricity can be 4 times the cost of gas per unit....


I have a gas fire fitted in my living room so If I need to warm just one room I use that, however mostly I use the central heating that is controllable in each room and it works out very economical even compared to using the gas fire to heat one room, Like I say, no way would I recommend electricity for heating.


Cheaper than heating the entire house to warm a single room.


I have always found electricity to be expensive for heating, nearly 2 kilowatts will soon add up if used for a few hours per day


Are these any good? Are they reasonable to run? Needing something for the kitchen, it's a big room and it get cold in there in winter even with heating on.

Kabalo Purple 65cm Anti Burst Yoga,pilates,Birthing etc Exercise Ball £9.80 Delivered From Fruugo
197° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
Kabalo Purple 65cm Anti Burst Yoga,pilates,Birthing etc Exercise Ball £9.80 Delivered From Fruugo£9.80 Free P&P Free
Kabalo Purple 65cm Anti Burst Yoga/ Birthing Exercise Ball £9.80 Idea to exercise in the house or Garden, and great for pregnant Ladies needing relief. Helps develop overall body m… Read more

Damn, had this in my basket but now showing as £12.49 (annoyed)


I use an exercise ball as an office chair for the home. Great for the back and for home workouts too.


"mum gave birth to you on a big purple ball kid. It was less than a tenner, happiest day of my life."

Everlast Unisex 18KG Dumbell Set £54.72 @ Fruugo
-421° Expired
Posted 18th Apr 2020Posted 18th Apr 2020
Everlast Unisex 18KG Dumbell Set £54.72 @ Fruugo£54.72
I know it is till expensive but atm it is the cheapest in stock.

Unfortunately, the same happened to me this morning but i have to wait a couple of days to get my refund. If they don't honour there refund i have to go long process of email verification. ;(


i might actually use my weights soon. Not touched them since I got them lol


Exactly this - but back at the gym after lockdown.


Thank you, definitely a company to avoid.


In my case they didn't deliver at all, took 3 weeks to get a response from the seller who said they had not been notified of a sale by fruugo and the product was not in stock. Didn't get a refund for over a month - fruugo's website simply doesn't work from my experience.

Rocket Deluxe western 5-string banjo with gig bag for £130 express delivery @ Fruugo
249° Expired
Posted 27th Mar 2020Posted 27th Mar 2020
Rocket Deluxe western 5-string banjo with gig bag for £130 express delivery @ Fruugo£130£139.997% off Free P&P Free
Embrace the Deliverance feeling of lockdown and learn the Duelling Banjos song on your very own banjo. This is £130 with free express delivery from Fruugo, which is £10 less than… Read more


Love fleck. and trishka. and dr banjo!


Nope Béla Fleck is.


The ideal way to celebrate all the interbreeding that's going to happen over the lockdown. :{


Officially Licensed Assassin’s Creed Mirror - £3.60 Delivered @ Fruugo
175° Expired
Refreshed 11th Feb 2020Refreshed 11th Feb 2020
Officially Licensed Assassin’s Creed Mirror - £3.60 Delivered @ Fruugo£3.60£8.9960% off
Stand and reflect on your action-packed adventures in a different era with this stylish Assassin’s Creed Mirror. This beautifully designed circular mirror is sleek and stylish and … Read more

Careful... There's Assassins in this deal/group.


Great way to let everyone know you’re a virgin this. Heat!


I can't see myself buying this


Damn HUKD costs me so much money! Thanks OP, got one for a gift and one for myself now they're back in stock!


Only just dispatched... Don't know whether I'd use Frugo again, that's crazy lead times.

Aerolite Lightweight Polycarbonate Hard Shell 4 Wheel 3 Piece Luggage Suitcase Set in pink floral or black floral £65.99 at fruugo
234° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2020Posted 2nd Jan 2020
Aerolite Lightweight Polycarbonate Hard Shell 4 Wheel 3 Piece Luggage Suitcase Set in pink floral or black floral £65.99 at fruugo£65.99£109.9940% off
Lovely suitcases. 8 wheels for more stability. I have the cabin size already which has now stood up to four trips and still looks pristine. only bought one to see how the quality w… Read more

Ordered 2nd January in the evening, delivered this morning (y)


I bought this exact set from a different site. It's actually decent quality. Very pleased though I paid a bit more.


has good reviews on trustpilot? Takes PayPal (and credit cards) so I've paid by PayPal in case of a problem as payments will be covered in case I need a refund.


Is this site genuine? Absolutely pathetic review about it almost everywhere

Officially licensed Super Mario 3D Light - £9.99 delivered @ Fruugo
500° Expired
Refreshed 19th Mar 2019Refreshed 19th Mar 2019
Officially licensed Super Mario 3D Light - £9.99 delivered @ Fruugo£9.99£14.9933% off
No codes or anything like that needed, free express delivery. Can pay via Paypal or card, just ordered myself :) Update 09.10 12/03 just had order confirmed and shipped by Pala… Read more

It comes with a usb mini cable or you can use AAA batteries


Is this plug or battery?


Heat - Thanks!


Thanks for this! Now i want the toad and the luigi and the mystery block... (fierce) (fierce) (fierce)


Heated. Thanks