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Kramer Fibre Optic 1080P HDMI Cable 30m £49.99 at Future Shop
-148° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2017Posted 14th Nov 2017
Kramer Fibre Optic 1080P HDMI Cable 30m £49.99 at Future Shop£49.99£39987% off
Kramer Fibre Optic 1080P HDMI Cable 30m RRP 699 crazy now 49.99 https://www.futureshop.co.uk/kramer-fibre-optic-1080p-hdmi-cable-30m also 50m/100m available https://www.futur… Read more

Google hdmi over Ethernet first


Fibre and hdmi in one? I dont think so


Ethernet is for the network hdmi is for video/audio. Completely different things


Was gonna add you're better off using HDMI over ether net instead


If the cable is above a certain length or made using cheap wire it needs to be 'active' meaning there are powered signal boosters at either end. In my case I had a 15m run where the projector on the far end couldn't lock on to a signal unless I used active cables which aren't cheap. These fibre optic ones will carry a signal practically any distance without boosters (but with conversion at either end). A comparable alternative would be those HDMI over Cat6 extenders, and that's what I ended up using since thin Cat6 is easier to trunk than thick HDMI cables. They are however expensive. Aukey units set me back £26 (and I needed two since there's a receiver to projector run and PC to receiver run, so £52) plus long cat6 isn't cheap either. Thing is, HDMI over Cat6 is cheaper than this fibre HDMI cable, but won't go as long as the 100m unit. If that were the star of this deal it could go hot (though at £300? Eesh). As is, nah, sorry :(

0.6m HDMI cable with free cable ties and free delivery at futureshop for £799
-329° Expired
Posted 17th Aug 2017Posted 17th Aug 2017
0.6m HDMI cable with free cable ties and free delivery at futureshop for £799£799
Good deal 😁 only £799 with free cable ties and free delivery, just ordered 3 to help improve picture quality of my blaupunkt tv (lol) (lol) (lol). If that's not good eno… Read more

Would it help with my 32 inch Bush ?


Who would buy this? LoL (lol)


Love it! (y)


This is a very clever retailer, hence the name Future Shop. This the post Brexit price and they are gearing up for the change.


alternatively... I use this ... 66% longer too! http://www.poundland.co.uk/signalex-hdmi-cable-1-metre-long

Nordost Valhalla 2 4K UHD HDMI Cable 2m  only £2999.99 @ Future shop
-4° Expired
Posted 16th Mar 2016Posted 16th Mar 2016
Nordost Valhalla 2 4K UHD HDMI Cable 2m only £2999.99 @ Future shop£2,999.99
Was just searching for a new HDMI cable and came across this beauty. Only £2999.99 with FREE I said FREE delivery....whats not to like. In stock....quick before they run out. Spe… Read more

found a better deal AudioQuest Diamond HDMI Cable 16m from the same site £11,629.00 http://www.futureshop.co.uk/audioquest-diamond-hdmi-cable-16m-p-5290.html now with free reusable cable ties get one quick


Complete and utter waste of money. HDMI cables pass digital signals, so it does not matter what cable you have as long as the TV can understand the codes, then any cable will produce exactly the same quality of picture. As long as the connectors are of a reasonable mechanical qualiy then spend as little as you can.


Well thanks a lot, the demand was so big the promo you reported is no longer available now £3,749.99 http://www.futureshop.co.uk/nordost-valhalla-2-4k-uhd-hdmi-cable-3m-p-10776.html?osCsid=7r197qb9t38bn1t04a6et99hr2#.VurO_tKsUcQ


Id pay for delivery at that price!!


Been saving up my benefits waiting for this to come on offer, ordered!

EOS Modular 4-way power distribution unit - ex demo - £199.99 FutureShop
-39° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2015Posted 21st Dec 2015
EOS Modular 4-way power distribution unit - ex demo - £199.99 FutureShop£199.99
Here's one to drive HUKD mad. It's a genuinely good deal with 1/3 off the standard retail price with free delivery and a 5 year warranty, but on the otherhand it's £200 for what i… Read more

Cold - a product exclusively for audiophooles which makes it too cheap to be satisfying.


Yeah, but doesn't that give you quality so realistic that you can actually reach out and grab Holly Willoughby's ...


I kid ye not, their most expensive HDMI cable is £16,500


But... you get free cable ties![image missing]


eeek! oO So bascially, AudioQuest are another set of con merchants like Monster Cables. I'll be adding these to my don't touch with a bargepole list. :{

Monster 1200HDEX Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 1m @ futureshop
-205° Expired
Posted 3rd Jan 2013Posted 3rd Jan 2013
Monster 1200HDEX Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable 1m @ futureshop£69.95
For those who demand the best in high definition home theater - now in the future Ultimate pictures and sound from larger HDTVs, advanced projectors and high definition AV sources.… Read more

Trolling at it's finest?


*Yep *Fortunately *English :D


Cold freezing cold


Yepp, your slang is really good. Fortunatelly you have been to the english schools,lol


Sorry, I hadn't realised English wasn't your first language :)