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GAME is one of the UK’s leading electronics retailers. From console and PC games to PlayStations, DVDs, Blu-rays and flat screen TVs, the GAME online store is the first place to look for electronic entertainment products. The firm also offers gift cards and discount vouchers that can be found at the HotUKDeals GAME pages. How to redeem GAME vouchers

All GAME Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

-30%30% promo code off Pre-Owned Games, Phones and Tablets @ GAME
Get code & visit site
£5 off

It's complicated - it works for some but not others, and for those for whom it works, some say they have had to spend £35 and others £30. Try your luck.....


wasnt this code for £30


Works for me cheers


Yes, but I don't really know why. The date they gave when they provided the code was 30th June. It works for some but not others, and for those it does work, for some minimum order value is £30 and for other £35. I've just put it back up here so that people can at least give it a try in case it works for them.


already ]posted but marked as expired

£5 off
£5 off £5 off at MOV £30 - for Virgin Mobile users only (although may work for others). Updated OP 11/7.

Sweet. I look forward to it.


Emailed Virgin for an update and got this: Hi there, We are sorry for this inconvenience. We are currently waiting for a new code from Game, and once we get it, we'll send it right to you! For the mean time, we have taken the offer off the site. Love, The Virgin Mobile team x You can look forward to my new post once I get the code... :-D


Follow the link, complete the details with fake information (or real if you want), email address is not needed so you can make this up as well. On the next page it will tell you that you need to register. I clicked register, then went back a page and refreshed and got the code. But i presume it will work by just refreshing the page. Good Luck Credit to ljmander and Jace for the work around Still working. MGS4 for £25.98 del (less Quidco as well) Mario Cart for £29.99 del (less Quidco)


What is the code for the £5 off £30?


The code works on preorders releasing in September but I was wondering if GAME would honor that or not ?

More Info
More Info £5 off your next spend of £30 @GAMEPLAY

didnt work for me when i tried to spend £60


hey this voucher still works, but it has to be over £50 :?


not working :-(


anyone else having problems with the code, even with the gift wrap it says the order isn't big enough?


Bah, tells me I'm not authorised to use this discount. :(

More Info
More Info Game discount for Kane and Lynch,DMC4 and other discounts

won`t work for me for Kane


Many thanks for the codes. I took out the links though, as they don't work in the body of a deal post. Thanks :)


lol i got a controller and rented dmc4 of lovefilm and finshed. the controllers are at very good prices and dmc4 too you can sell dmc4 on ebay for more and maybe cex and game might give you more too? lol, or you could just buy at a cheap price and play


Codes work a treat. I only wish I didn't have Devil May Cry 4 already in the post on it's way to me for £23.87 from :-( Voted hot despite my jealousy


Game in Glasgow had most of those above instore at the same price.

£3 off
£3 off £3 off £30 spend at with Code: Quidco - Plus usual Cashback!

Just used it thanks alot!


Do you mean Haze? If so then we all know that it is a PS3 exclusive as free radical announced it as such a month or more ago. Used the code for GTA IV and Mario Kart too. So can be used more than once - not long left either, time to get those pre-orders in!


Can't find the 360 version on the GAME site. They know something we don't?


great, thanks, ordered Haze in case it doesn't get any cheaper elsewhere


Thanks for the code, using now :)

£10 off
£10 off £10 Off nintendo Wii consoles at Gameplay!!!

Tried ordering this but insists on the game which defeats the deal somewhat when you can get 2 games for £25 on HMV right now and the console at £172.98 at shopto


Is this the best wii deal around then? about to submit to the OH and kids at long last and get one of these. Just bought a couple of games on the 2 for £25 at HMV (Sonic and the Secret Rings & Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz) so I guess I better get a console to play them on!


Could argue that with them :-D


Dont think they allow to buy the Wii alone.... at least 1 game must be bought :)


me bad :whistling:

£3 off
£3 off £3 off at - Min £30 spend - No expirery date

Worked for me today, Thanks


code wont work on console bundles


Still works and have now pre-ordered Star Wars:The Force unleashed, Unreal Tournie III and Brothers in Arms all with a £3 discount each. Lovely


Worked for me today - thanks.


Try this: Or search for wrap if you fancy a different colour.

£3 off
£3 off Send yourself or a loved one a £3 off £30 spend code for GAME

Mine arrived but yes the voucher scheme has expired. Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day.


i logged in and sent myself one too, but it hasn't arrived. Tried to use my friends one and got this 'Voucher Scheme Has Ended'. I'd say its expired then. :(


Are you sure, i just sent myself one. Are you sure you were logged in?


This has expired now :-(


Thanks. I am suprised this offer is still goin because Valentines Day was 2 weeks ago.

More Info
More Info Discount Code for £5 off a £30 Spend @ Gameplay!

Just got the same one.


I created a new account but now getting this message... Sorry, we are not able to process your discount. This could be due to your order value not being high enough.


Same here.


Just tried the code, Says no longer valid :(


still valid.. thanks!

£3 off
£3 off Email yourself a £3 off code for GAME

It is, yes. Does anyone know of another (working) voucher for GAME?


Is anyone having any joy? I believe this might be expired ... :(


anyone want my code? not gonna use it, just checking to see if the trick works ;-) 8CP2W8CX :gift:


Hehe, only kidding. I really should let it go now.


lol this was my first post and i forgot to look to see if it had already been posted.

£3 off
£3 off Another £3 off £30 purchase offer @ Game !



Pffft, you only replied here to gloat! Seriously though, no probs. *sob* :)


Sorry dude, didn't realise you already posted this one. Dunno why mines hotter though!


Hehe, weird place. The same deal posted by someone else has reached 234 degrees already!


Fair enough, although this code is still handy for people that have already used that one, plus it expires another nine days later so it's not all bad.

£5 off
£5 off Code for £5 Off £30 Spend @ Game !

Oh man what a shame i tried using it today then i just realised that it had expired:x:x:x


Cheers Dude, but now I've been asleep and are no longer under the influence of alcohol, I realize £30+ is more money than I can afford this side of Xmas. Will pick it up when I inevitably trade Mass Effect at CeX. Thanks anyway :thumbsup:


There are other £3 ones about that you can still use, but I wouldn't expect another £5 one any time soon.


Yeah, I was trying to buy Uncharted: Drakes fortune on PS3, which is £35. I cant believe Ive missed out on two decent vouchers tonight by an hour. Gutted :-(


This might sound obvious, but you did spend over £30 did'nt you...? If the game is £29.99 then you still have to buy something like some DVD Wrap at 99p to use the voucher.

More Info
More Info Code for £3 OFF £30 Spend at Game

Why not use the £5 off £30 spend voucher AWDC07XM its valid until 22/12/07,i used it last night and it worked ok. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Tried for £29.99 and came up with 'Voucher Scheme Has Ended'


Nice one. I ordered the Limited Edition Assassins Creed for £36.99


Good code, thanks Mum2Connor&Cerys :)


thanks :thumbsup:

£3 off

Just worked for me. Thanks!


where are the 2nd hand games on the site?


try looking at the second-hand games to bring your price over 29.99 did this and got shadow the hedgehog for 1.99 extra


The problem is, not so long ago, the shops started selling at the same price as the website - Game & Gamestation. Now, it seems that they're back up by £5 - £10 which is annoying. I have £30 in GS vouchers, but I begrudge using them when I can get a game through their website for £5/£10 less. Its an even bigger slap in the fact when they do offers like this where they knock even more cash off! However, if you order a game and use the voucher like I did, then I suppose its a nice smack in the face :?


and you have shown them that they can continue to charge those prices and still sell products, so why would they lower there prices .... you wasted the £10 voucher and you call them crazy!:thumbsup:

£3 off
£3 off £3 off @ over £30 orders

ah ok, damn I saw it when it was first posted and tried it last night expecting -£5 :( Oh well Game lost out on some orders there! Thanks for the info erics! Rep for you +


yeah as the guy above said, need a mod to change that:oops:


When the deal was first posted he thought it was £5 off, but when the code became active it was quickly realised it was only £3 off and the title was updated accordingly.


only £3 off for me? OP states £3 in discount field, but £5 off in instructions field. I'm guessing it's really only £3?


GAME has a larger QuidCo percentage (11%) compared to TheHut (5%). The last transaction I used a voucher code with TheHut, the QuidCo cashback was declined. GAME don't do that. GAME offer further incentive via their Reward Card scheme. But yes, I agree, they are over-rated, and each e-tailer should be compared against every other when looking for a specific title. BFN, fp.

£5 off
£5 off New GAME £5 off voucher! £30 min spend. Remember upto 11% Quidco also!

Just tried to use the code; [COLOR="Red"]Voucher Scheme has ended[/COLOR] Booooo-urns! Was hoping to snag PGR4 for under £30.


It's the limited edition version that apparantly Game are the only store that is going to stock the limited edition version according to the COD4 website as they emailed everyone on the beta list to say about the limited edition I don't tend to buy limited edition versions but made an exception for COD4


£44.99 after the code? That sounds expensive although the 11% discount helps. Crysis was £35 with the code. I note that they're removed the price too. Strange. And Play preorder price is £45.


got COD4 for the 360 for £34.99 plus quidco



£5 off

do you think its worth getting a psp bundle now or waiting untill november early december


Apologies Maxliifo, didn't realise. So what about swearing, is that in the etiquette book?? I'm sorry that a small mistake as typing in caps could p*** you off, you must try to chill out more, it's not good for your health.


because it pisses off everyone who reads your posts............


Etiquette really. CAPS = SHOUTING!:thumbsup:



£3 off

Hi, just for info...I got a code through from the 'no purchase necessary' option earlier today and it was excepted with no problems on the Game website!! £5 off my next PS3 game!!! :-D


This no longer works. To prove this I went through the no purchase link and received a code as before (when I bought a bottled drink). This code however no longer gives £5 off at GAME. the code isn't recognised so the GAME codes are being given out any more.


Wow, beer you're like a modern day super hero... Except ****.


I think the fact that everyone has a different philosophy on how to rate adds to the usefulness of the site. Personally, I have HUKD on an RSS reader and as I'm constantly at my PC I tend to jump into action when a new deal is added. This one in my opinion was poor as Game is more expensive than most e-reatilers, the price point meant your only likely to get a discount on games costing £34.99 (as nothing is priced between this point), they're excluding special offers and there is a widely publised better offer being circulated. If this deal could be neatly tucked away in the vouchers section without it appearing in my RSS feed I wouldn't go and rate it cold, but I feel I am doing a service to those with the same opinion as me by rating it cold.


agreed, if this was bad it would have been voted cold like all my other usual deals lol

£15 off
£15 off £15 off the Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel

Ive never used a wheel with a table, Ive got a seat out of an MR2 roadster which i use and have the wheel on my lap, is a table that much better?


Spammed it, should go into the misc if its gonna be PM's for codes.


I have one of these codes too if anyone wants it, give me pm. Rich Code now taken


is the cheapest place


Thanks for the info. I don't think I've ever found one that is any good without the table :-)

£5 off
£5 off £5 off at Game - £30 MOV plus chance to win Wii + Telly + Fridge

ordered Fifa for the Wii.


Anyone else able to use there Reward Card points in conjuction with this Voucher? I cannot and was able to with the Fanta code, bleeehhh :(


GETUPANDPLAY does still work


Does GETUPANDPLAY not work anymore?


great thanks. followed instructions for the no purchase necessary route and have just pre ordered call of duty 4 for the 360 for £34.99 > bargain! cheers:thumbsup:


Not exactly the best deal in the world. Game are v expensive at the best of times. Voted warm.


When they send the returned games to the merchant i.e. from Game to Sony they check whether the disc has been used/copied. ;-)


Don't Game protect their items with a security seal that invalidates the returns policy if it is broken?


Voted warm. 10% off £30 spend, so its 10% discount strictly on the £30 mark. I just don't think its that amazing. :P


Would that work though, as i thought shops started using the barcode to determine if the product had been purchased through them or not?

£15 off
£15 off Codes to save £15 on Full Auto 2: Battlelines & other PS3 games

Looks like the offers have been changed now. The offer was to discount £15 from a full price game (costing £49.99) but they've cut the prices from £49.99 to £39.99. Sorry to those who have missed out. Could a moderator please delete this thread so save further confusion.


Yeah, I'm seeing that too. Is it on all of them or just the battlelines one?


Code Has Already Been Redeemed what is all that about?


Hot stuff- thanks :)


Thank you Rayman.

£5 off
£5 off £5 off a £30 spend @ Game online!

Thanks for letting us know and Welcome to HUKD PFC Hudson!


This code has now expired :(


eh thanks alot:thumbsup: just got C&C3 for £35 now :D after shopto messed me about


if (like me) you wanted something at 29.99, the cheapest thing instock thing i could fine to tip it over £30 was the world of warcraft 14 day trail disc at 1.49, just got motorstorm on PS3 (plus that disc!) for 23.99 using the voucher and some reward points I forgot about, very happy!


Sorry Emma I just corrected it.

£5 off
£5 off £5 voucher from Gameplay for survey.

Looks like a unique code to me


I got this voucher a 2 days ago - great! Last night Microsoft OneCare software decided my outlook file contained a virus and DELETED it! :x [now uninstalled] OK, restored backup - from 3 days ago - so I have lost the email containing the code! Anyone know if the code is unique to a person or the same for all who were sent it??? Was just about to order SSX Blur.....


[SIZE=2]Very odd then :? [/SIZE] [SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]All I can think is that they had just closed the survey when you filled yours in?[/SIZE]


I have been registered since 2006 (when medal of honor offer was on!!!) exact date: 12/12/2006


You had to be registered before 27th February 2007 to be eligible.


nope... just checked and got the message 'accepted' :roll:. You were lucky then ;-)


I used it :oops: I assumed it was once per customer. When you checked it, did you actually purchase something?


You stole it :P


Code Has Already Been Redeemed


Didnt work for me, I signed up for a new account and it said its already been used? :(

More Info
More Info Christmas Vouchers (printable): Up to £5 off @ Gamestation !!

No problem...I'll learn to post my future deals more specifically/accurately :) Thanks...


.... and a good deal :santa: I have modified the title a wee bit to reflect the deal more accurately.


Thanks!! This is my first deal here on HUKD! :-D


Thanks & welcome to HUKD chuichi :santa:

£5 off

This code finishes today! Make sure you use it to take advantage of their sale!


New cheapest item as the other is OOS... ]


Don't think my Quidco tracked for my Game order. First time something hasn't tracked properly using Quidco, and I'm usually very careful with clearing cookies etc.


Thanks. I'll try again tomorrow after game's servers have had a bit of a kip :)


Just tested the code and it's working fine - so you can rule that out.

More Info
More Info £5 voucher when you buy a pizza at Papa John & £5 off £20 @ Papa John.

takes around 72 hours


I've just used this successfully on the papajohns site to get £5 off my pizza order, does anyone know when they send the GAME voucher. I'm assuming they send an email but I haven't had one yet (Only been a fews hours though) Thanks


it's not a game code.. it's a code to give papa johns to get a free £5 game voucher as well as taking £5 off your bill for the pizza.


huh? im confused now.. Ive just read the thread title saying papa john but the deal takes you to GAME ???


This code doesnt seem to work. Anyone know any other GAME voucher codes? Thanks

£5 off
£5 off £5 off £30 @ Game with Blueyonder

Thanks for letting us know. Its prob best to PM a Moderator rather than bump and old post but il click expired.


Link not valid now, can someone expire this please.

gary_rip, in the past with Game it has taken 1 - 3 days before it comes through. To be honest im not sure if this is a new thing or it is an old one but i presume that its 31st July 07. [SIZE=2]Ive signed up so as soon as i get anything i will post it here. :thumbsup: [/SIZE]


How long does it take for the voucher to come through? It also says on entering the email address - thanks for entering the prize draw! And I assume the deadline is next year - small print : [SIZE=3][FONT=Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, san-serif][SIZE=1]"Must be redeemed at point of purchase and before the 31st July"[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]


Good stuff. Game have had some good offers of late - especially since their postage went free :)


I didn't get a message at all for this now! Does everyone else reckon this code is now dead as a dodo?!


This may be different - but this is how their 5% loyalty code works. I'm a member of the gameplay boards and this is how the "loyalty" scheme works. You have to spend £300 on software within 12 months to qualify for the code, and their system knows who's illegible and who's not so don't try and fool it! You must spend another £300 to qualify for the next years code. But this 10% is different I think?


dnt work on wii play :(


this DOESN'T work with the current rainbow 6 offer


Tried it on the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 and it game up invalid code. However it did apply the discount to any game I added to the Basket. Nice Find :)

£5 off
£5 off £5 Off a £30 spend at Game

this voucher has expired! can people please click "expired" please :) sorry for bringing this back to the top, but was looking through vouchers and noticed this was dead


Haha, thanks... to point out the even more obvious... This would then save you £4.99 on a £29.99 game. :-P


Perfect Gary - for anyone interested in a £29.99 game, they can use the £5 off voucher with this item in their basket as well! (Sorry for pointing out the obvious, it's just in case anyone didn't know)


Oh im on fire today... I can feel it :D The 1p item you have all been dreaming of... ] EDIT: 1p item now all gone! However there are still £1 items... ] ]


Well there is a 2 for £15 section on PC games at the moment so i picked out 4 games from there for £25 delivered. Few good ones in there like Quake and The Movies.

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