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20% discount on all Hunter wellies with discount code @ Garden4less

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Good deal. Couldn't find any better at the moment for short hunter. A lot of places are slightly cheaper but have limited sizes. Heat added.


where do you put the code ?


Free delivery with all orders over £25.00

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Coleman Xtreme 47L wheeled cool box £84.99 @ garden4less
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Coleman Cool Box - 50qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler - Blue/White A fair bit cheaper than anywhere (reputable websites) else that I could find. Bought one yesterday afternoon and arrived… Read more

It'll help keep the temperature down for longer when you are away postponing the trip to the supermarket to find the empty hole in the freezer where the ice was (fierce)


Grillnun, freezeall?


I paid £57 10 years ago and still going strong defiantly a great bit of kit.


Great tip! I bought one of these a few months ago for £43 - think it was an Amazon price error. Currently in action at a festival. Great kit!


Always prime this before you go away stick some freezer blocks in the night before to bring the temperature of the box down, you lose a lot of ice just bringing its temp down, then switch out before you leave with some fresh blocks they will last longer. Freeze everything you can in advance, milk, bacon, anything that can be frozen freeze it. Fill any gaps with ice cubes. (strong)

Hartman weatherproof cube pouffe in various colours (45cm³) for £59 delivered @ Garden4Less
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Jazz up your garden with these outdoor weatherproof pouffes, be bang on trend and not following all the rattan rousers. Yours for £59 each, these 45cm³ seats will spruce up any g… Read more

The seller doesn’t meet the criteria - I would have posted them if it had. No one likes a cold deal! (y)

gazdoubleu Rattan rouser indeed!


Well at least that's something! (y)


Probably worst deal of the day

Hozelock 60m 2 in 1 Hose Storage System with 50m of Hose - £53.50 Delivered @ garden4less
218° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Hozelock 60m 2 in 1 Hose Storage System with 50m of Hose - £53.50 Delivered @ garden4less£53.50 Free P&P Free
The Hozelock 2 in 1 reel provides both the tidy and easy use of a wall mounted hosereel, while also offering the convenience of a free standing model. Complete with a 50m multi-pur… Read more

Thanks, purchased.


Now that's a Dickinson Reel Deal! :{


Managed to get the reel only for £14 last month on Amazon.

Hozelock 60m Hose Cart With 50m Hose £52.99 @ garden4less
-50° Expired
Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
Hozelock 60m Hose Cart With 50m Hose £52.99 @ garden4less£52.99
This Hozelock 60m cart with 50m hose makes easy work of transporting your hose around whilst being able to carry out those watering duties. Features: Lightweight reel 60m capaci… Read more

It's a crap hose that links everywhere


£49.50 at Amazon fyi

Hozelock Auto Reel 25m £68.24 @ 	garden4less
58° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Hozelock Auto Reel 25m £68.24 @ garden4less£68.24
Coming in cheaper than Amazon and the 30m auto reel is £84.99 on screwfix so seems well priced
Get deal*Get deal*
Kids First Hunter Wellies £24.99 @ Garden 4 Less
-188° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
Kids First Hunter Wellies £24.99 @ Garden 4 Less£24.99
Best price I've seen. Add an additional item to tip the price over £25 and get free delivery. The Kids' First Classic Welly is simple and good looking, designed to keep little fee… Read more

This is a great deal! And they are good quality wellies- I’ve had some that are cheap cheap and have rubbed my daughters feet bad, these don’t. Heat from me


Just ignore the negative comments, there will be people benefit from this deal


Good price, hunter outlet had them for £20 but this is good also, i know they dont wear them long but wen there small and close in age i keep them for my sons baby brother so i think of it as an investment.


Damn! Apologies, I honestly didn't realise £25 for a pair of kids wellies was so offensive. In future I shall post items which will be no more expensive then £5. Maybe there should be a price limit on posting children's clothing on HDUK..


Yes I know, but I also know kids can grow out of shoes, trainers and wellies in a matter of weeks! So why would you?? At the end of the day if your upper class or lower class etc why would you spend so much knowing that it isn't going to be to long before you have to buy more, just my thoughts as a parent, others may disagree

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Fiskars XL25 splitting axe Free delivery at Garden4less for £44.99
58° Expired
Posted 6th Aug 2018Posted 6th Aug 2018
Fiskars XL25 splitting axe Free delivery at Garden4less for £44.99£44.99
One strike splits of even the thickest logs The perfect splitting axe for chopping large logs. Its thick blade with a unique cutting edge gives you all the power you need, while a … Read more

I'll keep an eye out. Unfortunately It's £56 just now on Amazon.



Winter is coming lol 👊


This evening's work out. XL27 is over kill for even this size, it'll do 50 to 80cm oak no problem.My winter sorted! (y)


Nearly went for the xl27 just thought it would be that bit to long!! (lol)

Hozelock hose and reel £24 @ Garden4less
48° Expired
Posted 29th Apr 2018Posted 29th Apr 2018
Hozelock hose and reel £24 @ Garden4less£24
Thought this was a good deal for Hozelock

that went quick :D


Thanks for taking the time to post @debbie.wilsonOps and welcome to the site. Unfortunally the deal has now expired.


Only one in stock though

Eden 522 aquarium filter (up 300 litre tank capacity) £50 @ Garden4less
-32° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2017Posted 20th Mar 2017
Eden 522 aquarium filter (up 300 litre tank capacity) £50 @ Garden4less£50
Free deilivery Only one left at the time of posting. This is about half the standard price. I have just bought the next size down for what I thought was a great price of £59. But … Read more

Did my first post installation filter maintenance and thankfully the twist lock/unlock of the inlet/outlet spigot mount does incorporate a non-flood interlock :) Have now removed the old internal filter and fitted most of its media temporarily in the new filter - so much more room in the tank!


If anyone is still reading this, I went to the aquatic shop yesterday to get a mod for the filter inlet and the guy who assisted me noted that the Eden fitting I had brought with me looked just like one in one of their big (100 gallon?) display tanks, except the red plastic was blue on their tank. That tankl was running an Oase BioMaster 600 canister filter and after doing a bit of research it turns out that Oase, a German company, is the parent company of Eden. Oase also do smaller Filtosmart canisters that are very similar to the Eden range except they have opaque plastic rather than where the Edens are translucent. I learned from the Oase info that the circular quick release fitting (looks identical to the Edens) for the two pipes closes off the flow so in theory there should be no flooding when disconnecting - I haven't tried it yet!


They're now out of stock and the price has gone back up to £100. To follow on from my previous posts about my own purchase of an Eden 521, which is the size down, I set it up last night and so far so good. It certainly seems quiet, though as this is my first canister filter I don't really have a benchmark. The three slotted chambers replace the usual arrangement of stacking baskets and I invested in the optional integrated heater. The inlet chamber has a large medium-coarse sponge plus a space where the water flows in. A removable baffle separates the first chamber from the centre chamber. This has another large medium-coarse sponge and there is space under for (provided) activated charcoal media (if required). I have placed some poly wool media there as I don't need any chemical filtration at present. The design draws water up the centre chamber towards the impeller input but according to the schematic some of the water is driven into the right hand chamber, which contains the bio media and, in my case, the heater. The water then travels down through the bio media (in the end I bought 500g of Fluval biomax to replace half the ceramic rings that came with the filter). The filter draws the water through the bio media more slowly than through the sponges in the two previous chambers, which should be better for the biological action. When it reaches the bottom it goes back into the centre chamber flow and some of it will be recirculated back into the bio chamber and the resit returned to the tank through impeller. I think the chamber design is neat and the recirculation system that slows down the flow through the bio chamber is promising in terms of efficiency. However, I was hoping to use nylon mesh bags to contain the ceramic/biomax media but because the heater installation uses up the central space I wasn't able to use the couple of medium sized bags I had. I really need larger bags less fully filled so they can be moulded to fit the space. Therefore I have just filled the media in the chamber loosely. The inlet and outlet spigots form part of a quarter turn cap so the pipes can be removed from the filter conveniently. Flow control valves at the filter end of the pipework are not included (I've ordered some) but there are controls in the elbows that connect to the tank side inlet and outlets. I fitted the supplied spray bar though there is also a small deflector attachment you can use on the elbow outlet instead. The supplied rubber suction pads are very good quality. At present the unit is under the level of the base of the tank temporarily on a stool as I need to shorten the hoses for the filter to be positioned on the same shelf to the side of the tank. The flow is really good and my platys seem to enjoy swimming in and out if it. The old corner box internal filter remains and I will continue to run that for a couple of weeks and then switch it off and test for nitrites with the expectation that the new filter will have become biologically active. I've placed some old filter media in the new filter to help start things going. Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.


Well, quite by coincidence, the 521 model I ordered has just been delivered. I got this from Aquatix-2u Ltd on Amazon, not Garden4Less which the 522 linked to here is being sold by. I have had a peek but as it's my birthday present for Saturday I won't be setting it up until then. But it looks great and there are no 'Made in China' labels - only 'Made in Italy' ones, so let's get that out of the way. Where are Jebao filters made? Anyway, it comes with all the filter media you need to get started but I will probably substitute the ceramic rings supplied with some sintered glass media, which I read is superior. It fits beautifully into the space next to my tank, as planned. I've also ordered a 200W 425 model heater that fits this filter. One thing I have noticed is that unlike my Juwel internal filter and conventional canister filters there are no vertically stacking media baskets. When you unclip the top where the pump lives, three vertical chambers are revealed with sliding separators. The central one can stack two different types of media if required. The water flows from one chamber to the next and there is a partial recirculation between the centre and bio media chambers that is supposed to maximise biological filtration functionality. Could be just marketing twaddle of course. Another nice touch is that there is a carry handle built onto the top of the unit that can lie flat when not in use. I'm looking forward to simply carrying the whole unit to the sink at cleaning time, rather than having to fish out dirty sponges and carriers from the existing internal filter while it's still in the tank. :) I'll run the old and new filters in parallel for a few weeks to ensure the new filter is biologically generated. I'll report back on how quiet (or otherwise!) the unit is once it's installed.


There was also a comment here about Eden products "being cheap and nasty import cruddage from China" and "untrustworthy". Well, their website indicates the company's office is in Germany, it proclaims its products are made in Italy. They have a range of swimming pool, pond and aquarium products.

Hozelock 2 in 1 Hose Storage System with 35m Hose, Gun and Sprinkler £24 (£27.25 delivered) @ Garden4less
60° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Hozelock 2 in 1 Hose Storage System with 35m Hose, Gun and Sprinkler £24 (£27.25 delivered) @ Garden4less£24
Black Friday bargain RRP £59.99 £2.75 delivery or free delivery with a spend over £25 so I added a packet of seeds This lightweight unit can be used as a freestanding or wall mou… Read more

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